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Fashion Tips for 2020

Fashion Tips for 2020

Some great trends are coming up for 2020. will notice that some of these trends have already been around, whilst others are fresh and new. You will feel more confident about what to wear and what to buy for this year after reading these fashion tips.

Fashion Tips for 2020

1. Men’s Style Lace-up Shoes

These shoes are also known as Oxfords and have been around for quite a long time but now in 2014, they come with a slight twist. Instead of the ordinary lace-up shoes, you will see them with high wedges, platforms, or with fluorescent block color for the sole. Some of the best Oxfords that you can get now are from Oliver and Clark as they have both shoes and books for the tough at heart.

2. Midi Skirts

Just like it was in the 90s it is the same for 2014 with skirts hitting just below the knee. However, the midi skirt designs that you will find now are less pioneer in look. You should dry and find a midi skirt that has volume and flare. When it comes to the material the best fashion tip is to go for lace, sheer, leather, or brocade.

3. Cropped Jackets

The cropped jacket should feature in all wardrobes as it looks great with jeans or wide trousers. If you are looking to fit for this fashion get your hands on a cropped blazer, tweed jackets, or even goes with a makeshift DIY version.

4. Crop Tops

For some of us showing our midriff is long gone or we just don’t think it is elegant. However, fashion is versatile and so is the crop top. With this fashion tip, you can choose to wear your crop top with ultra-high waisted jeans or with a pencil skirt. This will then break up the lines whilst maintaining movement.

5. Pastels

Pastel colors are a huge rage this year even when its winter. You should take this opportunity to take advantage of those beautiful lilacs, rose, and peaches.

6. Statement Pieces

There have been various styles that have come this year including that of monogrammed sweatshirts and dresses and skirts that feature novel writing. The statement pieces are in full swing and it is also fun to wear something that expresses your attitude, likes, or hobbies or something that reflects you. You will be able to find these statement pieces but you can also add this to something that you own with the 8use of fabric paints and your creativity.

These are the main fashion tips for 2014 and you should indulge in one of them before they leave us and express your uniqueness and personality.

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