Men’s Accessories

Men’s Accessories

Men’s Accessories

We are looking to see what is next in the fashion world, but more importantly, we are looking for what is hot right now. The catwalks in 2020 showed a new look for the spring and the summer especially when it came to the men’s accessories.

There were some prominent men’s accessories this year and here is a list of some of the most notable men’s accessories.

Men’s Accessories

1. Fold Up Bag at Jil Sander

The first men’s accessory that we look at is the fold-up bag. The fold-up bag has gathered its inspiration from the fold-up clutches that are seen in the women’s wear. This bag has also now been folded, in pops of color. These will surely make a statement when you are out and about.

2. Oversized Leather Backpack at Gucci

The oversized backpack is a luxurious men’s accessory that is super functional and gives activewear a more sophisticated look. The backpack buckles across the chest so that you feel the freedom that the spring season will bring.

3. Upper-Class Oxford Shoes at Dior Homme

At the Dior Homme runway, the slick pair of black Oxford shoes came out. These Oxford shoes have a metal suspension and that little extra on the sides. These shoes fall between the classy and sporty lines, meaning that you can wear them how you want.

4. Damier Patterned Duffle Bag at Louis Vuitton

When we think of high-end travel items, we will usually think of Louis Vuitton and they have not disappointed this season with their checkered Damier pattern. The pattern is drilled and water cut into a camel-colored leather. This makes it the ideal piece for every man who just needs to take a break.

5. Knit Scarf at Ermanno Scervino

The many shades of blue are still strong in 2014 and Ermanno Scervino has encompassed this with a range of men’s fashion and apparel accessories. One such men’s accessory is the knit scarf which has a classy, but urban feel to it.

6. Gladiator Sandal at Dolce and Gabbana

The Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana collection had a Sicilian mythology-inspired look. The shoes to match this were, of course, the gladiator sandals. The gladiator sandal as a men’s accessory will surely make a statement this season.

Other men’s accessories for 2014 include the Boater Hats at Frankie Morello, Wave motif elasticized bag at Kenzo, Graphically Painted Sneakers at Fendi and Ethnic Necklace at Missoni

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