Melbourne Cup 2009 – Sports Betting

Since 1861 the Melbourne Cup continues to be portion of Australian tradition, the annual race which is the richest thoroughbred race on the planet and also the most prestigious is held on the first Tuesday of November each and every year over the distance of 3200 meters. The event draws international competitors and celebrities that want to be portion of the “Race that stops a nation.” One of the biggest parts of the race could be the ‘punt’, a.k.a your bet.

80% of Australians bet for the Melbourne Cup each and every year and it’s really the maximum amount of a part of the tradition as wearing hats, fascinators and suits. Unlike other kinds of gambling for example pokies, racing betting takes an in depth familiarity with horse racing if you are planning to put a winning bet. The form of each horse is of particular interest towards the serious ‘punter’, and it is no surprise that the Melbourne Cup accommodation/seating sells out so quickly every year as the crowds gather to ascertain the healthiness of each horse. Winning the cup brings fame and fortune towards the lucky jockey, a section of the $5.5 Million prize money on and sboarena on down within the annuals of history alongside his predecessors it is the goal of each and every jockey to win the race.

Your odds of backing the correct horse?

If you want to take the easiest view of the time, you do have a 1 in 24 chance of winning should you placed a bet on only one horse, the more horses you bet on the improve your odds. Choosing 1 horse provides 4.16% probability of winning your bet, that will not look like a wonderful figure but should you compare it for the lottery it truely does work out pretty well.

In general individuals will bet around the horse which they feel may be the strongest or that they have heard one of the most about alternatively they could bet around the horse using the funniest name the common ‘punt’ for the people less proficient in Horse Racing. There are many different strategies to putting a bet trifecta’s etc plus much more information around the different betting types can be found on our sports betting page. The most important thing to bear in mind though is that in the event you can’t afford to lose a bet don’t install it there’s nothing ever a sure thing within the Melbourne Cup, or another horse race, you do have a better possibility of losing than winning even if you have insider tips etc.

How expensive is bet annually on Melbourne Cup Day?

Each year during the Melbourne Cup [], over $140 million is bet around the race, lots of this goes into bookie pockets but a majority of people also produce a fortune.