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The sisal rugs are made of fibre called sisal. The sisal fibre comes from the green leaves of the agave plant that is a cactus plant. Like other natural fibres, sisal is also a vegetable fibre which is toughest of all of them. Sisal rugs are a perfect option for people who love organic and natural. The rugs come in different shapes, sizes, material and colour. There are certain factors one has to look towards while buying sisal rugs:

  • Outdoor use of sisal rugs

The sisal rugs are not perfect for using outside as the natural rugs may grow fungus on them. To protect them from it, a certain solution has to be mixed with mist and sprayed on the targeted area. This keeps the rug clean and suitable for outside as well. Another option can be look-alike sisal rugs that look like sisal but are not made of sisal. They are also easy to clean and the perfect option for a user who desperately wants to buy sisal rugs.

  • Traffic tolerance of the sisal rug

The first factor to consider is the traffic tolerance of the sisal rug. The sisal rug is made up of sisal and the fibre is toughest of all-natural rugs. The sisal rug is comfortable for heavy traffic areas. It is a good option for hallway, mudroom or playroom. If maintained properly, the sisal rug can even do well in heavy traffic areas. The sisal rugs are not a good option for stairs as they can be slippery as they can wear off with heavy traffic.

  • Cleaning of the sisal rug

 If one considers the cleaning factor while buying a sisal rug then it is a go-to option. The sisal rug is very easy to clean. The smaller sisal rugs can be cleaned by just shaking the dirt out of it and for bigger ones, the vacuum cleaner is the best option. The user should avoid making the rug wet as it absorbs the water and ruins the fibre of the rug. Also, the user has to make sure that if anything is spilt on the rug, then clean it immediately before the stain sets in.

  • Versatility of sisal rugs

Another factor to be considered is whether the sisal rug is going with the décor or not. People love to buy rugs matching with their décor. The sisal rug is the best option if one wants to match it with the décor. The sisal rugs are versatile. They give the place a natural and edgier look. The colour of sisal rugs goes with almost every décor. They give a beach vibe in the room because of their golden brown colour. The sisal rugs are highly suggested for heavy traffic areas and go well with one’s place.

The sisal rugs are a great buy and the points mentioned above can help the buyer to decide whether to go for it or not. The sisal rugs are cost-efficient and an amazing choice to go for.

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