What are the symptoms which show that you are experiencing spinal stenosis?

If a person is experiencing leg, arm, back pain then there are chances that you are suffering from spinal stenosis.


What is spinal stenosis?

Spinal stenosis occurs when a person’s space is reducing within the spine which can put pressure on the nerves. The person experiences this in the lower back or neck. This is common in people who are of 60 years or above. If you are experiencing pain in the lower back or neck then you should consult the best spine surgeon near you for the spine surgery in Ludhiana immediately. If you neglect it then the condition will become worse only.


Below down we are going to talk about the symptoms which shows that the pain a person is experiencing is due to spinal stenosis.


Neurogenic Claudication

Neurogenic claudication occurs in legs when the nerves of a person are compressed in the lower back. You will identify this situation through the following factors that are mentioned below:


  • The person is experiencing continued pain or numbness in their legs when they are standing.
  • If a person is walking or bending the spine backwardly then the pain or numbness increases.
  • The person won’t be able to do certain exercises.

This person can get relief from this pain by bending the spine forwardly.



In the lower back if you are suffering from the compression of the nerve roots then there are chances of a person experiencing sciatica or lumbar radiculopathy. If a person is experiencing nerve pain in one leg at a time or weakness then it might be sciatica. The person can also experience pain in the calf, thigh, lower back, hips and in legs. Also, he might experience sensations, tingling, weakness or numbness.


Foot drop

In this the person experiences compression in L4 and L5 nerve roots which might lead to weakness. Foot drop happens when a person is trying to put their foot forward and won’t be able to do it due to weakness.


Problem of Gaits

The spinal stenosis affects the walking of the people in different ways. We will understand this by taking an example mentioned below:

Lumbar spinal stenosis

In this, a person experiences the problem of gaits because of foot drop. The person also suffers from weakness in the thighs and muscles of legs. In this the person experiences a problem in the lower back.


Cervical spinal stenosis

Cervical spinal stenosis happens in the neck of the person. In this, a person won’t be able to make balance while walking. This does not affect gait and causes gait problems.


Arm pain

In this, the person suffers pain in the neck, arms or shoulder due to cervical spinal stenosis. The person experiences things such as tingling, crawling or numbness. Also, the person feels weakness in arms and hands.



These are the symptoms through which you will come to know whether you are suffering from spinal stenosis or not. Also if you noticed this in yourself then contact us for expert advice.

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