Top Tips to Consider Before Buying a Used Luxury Car

In the UAE, where people don’t blink eyes when an embellished and lavish luxury car roars by, buying one, let alone modifying it, is considered a hard nut to crack by many people. So, the next perfect option left is to look for used cars for sale in Dubai – the ones that were not only pre-loved but also probably best for transitional cities.

Since, buying a brand-new vehicle might not be economical, choosing a second-hand car is a great option for residents. There are many vehicles available at all price ranges, ages, and conditions in the market. That said, selecting and buying the right one is where the things come into play.

Buying a second-hand car can be complicated and can even lead to long-term problems if not done correctly. So, read these tips before you take a plunge.

Used Luxury Cars are Affordable

On an average rate, a new vehicle will lose 20 percent of its value within just one year of ownership. This is followed by 15 percent after each year passing by. Surprisingly, after 10 years, the vehicle is worth only 10 percent of what it initially cost.

The rate is even lower when you consider buying a luxury car. The first owner has already experienced a huge depreciation hit. Therefore, take this thing into account when buying a used car so as to make an informed decision for yourself. 

Don’t Consider Buying a Used Car an Investment

Purchasing an automobile, particularly a used one, should not be considered an investment. As cars are a denigrating asset, buying a second-hand may not yield good returns. So this must not be your sole aim. 

Driving It Is Costlier

Don’t forget to consider the additional costs as well. There are many other areas that can break your bank. For instance, high-end used cars usually have high insurance rates because insurance companies usually have to pay more for luxury cars in case of an accident.  

When it comes to fuel, you have to pay more since it’s way too expensive in case of luxury cars as they have bigger engines. Replacement costs for items such as tires, brakes, suspension components, and lighting provisions will also be more costly. Also, you may find it difficult to look for spare parts. 

Warranty Period Holds Paramount Importance

Luxury cars with less than five years of manufacturing are still under warranty. Some manufacturers offer extended coverage of the car’s rust protection, powertrain, and other aspects of the automobile for a certain mileage or time period. This proves to be a benefit in the case of extended maintenance and repairs.

Steer Clear of Modified Cars

It is best to avoid those cars that have been modified in any way, be it a change in the exterior color, the addition of a turbo engine, or replacement of over-sized wheels with a normal one. It might appear fancy to you but the modifications may have negative consequences on the internal wiring. They are not visible until it’s too late. 

Always Compare Prices

Compare the price of the same car on different portals on some classified and reliable commerce and websites. This helps you comprehend the general marketing trend for a similar vehicle while giving you the upper hand during the negotiations at the same time. 

Pre-Purchase Inspection

It is highly recommended to consider a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) of the vehicle you are intending to buy. During the PPI, a trained technician familiar with the vehicle can examine the vehicle from its rims to the roofline so as to discover the signs of any problems or potential issues. Buying a used luxury ride is without a PPI is not a prudent step. 

Run A System and Tech Diagnostic

If the car you are interested to buy is high-tech with various controllers, sensors, computer systems, and modules, make sure to run a full computer diagnostic scan, ideally in a garage. A diagnostic scan is not only fast and cheap but can also help reveal a multitude of possibly obscured issues.

Although there are many exotic cars in Dubai, finding the right one is real art. Therefore, it is always advisable to undergo a thorough inspection and take the automobile to a for an examination. Honest dealers will allow checking the car before making the final deal.

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