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How to Avoid Various Driving Challenges? Driving Lessons Leytonstone

Driving makes you independent. Also, you learn some important skills that make it easy for you to get a license. No matter you have gotten professional driving lessons Leytonstone when you start driving, there are some challenging situations that you will face. These situations are manifold, but the most common ones are driving in bad weather, through heavy traffic, safely driving around huge trucks and last but not least dealing with the aggressive drivers. In this article, we are going to list some important suggestions that will help in sharpening your skills.

Bad Weather

Bad weather has a different meaning in different areas. For some, it implies snowy blizzards, black ice, heavy rains, dust storms, fog etc. So no matter where you live and what type of weather you face, there are some important tips that help you drive in such bad situations.

Reduce your speed

If your visibility level is narrow, then it is best to reduce your speed at once. If you are unable to see at all, then pull off to the side of the road that is safe. For blizzards, stay on the main road so help can easily find you. In a dust storm, you can wait till it passes out.

Limit distractions

If you are tense or having anxiety and distraction can prove to be fatal. In such case, turn off the radio, ask any accompanying passengers to stay quiet, keep both hands on the wheel and concentrate on the road.

Keep an emergency kit

You can face emergency situations at any point. So, in this case, it is best to keep water bottles, snacks, blankets and extra charger in your car. If you face a situation where you have to pull over, you need to have essential supplies. Also, don’t forget to keep extra tools and spare tire.

Manoeuver Around Large Trucks

Large trucks blind spots are bigger than a standard size car. Even the trucks have extended mirrors; still, the drivers face difficulty in seeing the cars driving alongside, behind and in front of them. You need to be aware of these limitations and stay out of the way whenever possible. Also, let them merge into your lane if they are blinking to move over. Trying to overtake or getting in front of them is never a good idea and can end badly for you.

Heavy Traffic

Driving in heavy traffic is not pleasant at all. Also, driving in heavy traffic when there is construction work going on or you are in a hurry can make the situation worse. So there are some essential basics that you need to remember when navigating through heavy traffic.

Use your blinker

It is essential that you let other drivers know on the road of what you are trying to do. If you need to take over, turn on your blinker and slowly move into the specific lane you want to move.

Don’t wait

If you need to make an exit, start making your way while you have some time. It is best to have a 1/2 mile stretch to enter into other lanes to make it convenient for everyone else.

Obey construction signs

No matter you have to reach somewhere urgent, you need to strictly follow construction signs. If you fail to do so, it will lead to higher priced tickets from police officers. Keep away from the closed-off areas, begin to merge as soon as you see the signs and slow your speed.

Slow Down

Everyone faces delay issues when the traffic is heavy. While it seems frustrating, it is also essential to slow down and always remember that situations are beyond your control.

Aggressive Drivers

Everyone is bound to make mistakes. Try to keep your head cool and not to get aggressive when someone makes a mistake. Instead of increasing your speed and racing around them, keep your temper under control. Sometimes they do it unintentionally, and getting angry on the road is dangerous.

Focus on the Road

Driving lessons Leytonstone

When everything fails, you need to focus on the road and remember all the basic skills you have learned during your driving lessons.

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