Alloy Diamond Cutting

Things That Come in Mind About Alloy Diamond Cutting

Diamond cutting is a shiny metal effect on the top of the wheel. More often it comes in different colours with the bare metal. For this purpose, a diamond cutter is used with the wheel in the lathe. A thin layer of the metal is removed from the surface of the alloy. In the end, the result is mesmerizing, and you get a stunning alloy diamond cutting. Moreover, the colour will also give a great look.

Preparing the wheel for diamond cutting

Preparing means to get the wheel ready to go from any kind of procedure. For this purpose, the main thing is to clean the wheel so that other things can be applied to it. Hence this thing undergoes in four to five steps.
The wheel is clean thoroughly with a non-aggressive agent to remove the tar and the dirt particles from the alloy.
After this, the tyre is remove by using special kind of machines and types of equipment. On each tyre, a code is mark so that after the whole process the wheel is fit on its original alloy.

The wheel is install in special blasting machines just to remove all the paint and lacquer to prepare the surface of the alloy.

After this, the alloy is transfer to the diamond cutting machine. From there, it gets ready as a diamond alloy wheel.

In the end the alloy I ready for paint and polish material. After the paint gets dry, the wheel is again fit on the alloy, and the procedure is complete.

After the process is being completed, most of the companies give special diamond cut clear lacquer just to protect the metal finish of the alloy.

Most of the people ask a lot of question-related to alloy wheel services. Especially about the diamond cut. As it is considered as one of the best service related to alloys. So that many people ask things about these services like

Does a diamond-cut finish last?

For this kind of question, most of the companies hire their particular person that can describe you all the things about the alloy wheel detailing. So that the people that do not know about these things will get good knowledge after meeting with that person. The salesmen make the mind of the people by telling them all the answers to their questions.

So that the answer to this thing is that if you did not get a powder coating after the diamond cut, then it will last long. However, if you have a diamond-cut done on your alloy wheel. After this you want to get a powder coating then the diamond cut will not retain their finish anymore. A little damage to the lacquer will allow the water to seep in between the lacquer and the alloy leaves milky patches on the diamond cut of the alloy wheel. So that if you have diamond wheel cutting on your alloy, then you must be very careful about it. As per it can be ruin with a minor scratch.

Alloy Diamond Cutting

How many times do you can get diamond cut on a wheel?

Well, it depends on the condition of the alloy wheel. Most of the technician just allow you to get a diamond cut on the alloy wheel only 1 to 2 times. However, if the condition of the alloy is not good to get a diamond cut, then the technicians will recommend you to get a powder coating instead of diamond cut. As per in this process the alloy surface gets thin. For this purpose, each wheel is assets individually by the wheel specialist at the shop. However, the most important thing is to tell the technician if you have taken a diamond cut before that or not. So that he check the condition of the wheel. The best thing is that if you want to get a diamond cut, you must get a new alloy so that they cannot get into any damage easily.

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