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Why is titanium so famous for jewellery?

Titanium jewellery has been around since the 1990s and since then people love to wear jewellery made out of titanium. There is a dozen of reasons why people love titanium jewellery so much. Titanium is mostly used to make rings and band for the grooms at weddings. It is the strongest metal found on the earth. Titanium is greyish but if you polish it you can make it brighter which is suitable for the use of making jewellery. Titanium designed rings are some of the very hot articles for men in the jewellery market for men. Many of the men do not prefer to wear gold some of them do. But most of the men tend to wear jewellery that is greyish or silver in colour. Silver is cheaper material when compared to gold and titanium.

For the wedding occasions, the grooms usually select a ring which is made out of titanium. The reason for choosing titanium is very simple. Rings or any other form of jewellery made out of titanium does not need to be taken care of like the other jewellery you don’t need to get it cleaned that often or sometimes not at all if you not so conscious about the shine of the ring. Don’t worry it won’t fade away it will just lighten with time but too much.

Properties of titanium jewellery

Titanium as we already discussed is the strongest metal. It cannot be bend or broken easily and the melting point of this metal is way too high. So, if you get yourself a titanium designed ring you don’t have to worry about the care of the ring cause trust us it can take care of itself. Titanium designed rings do not change colours the way gold and silver does. This means that you can wear them without any worry on daily basis.

You can keep on wearing a ring made out of titanium for years and won’t have to worry about the polishing and taking care of it. Titanium is very light as compared to the toughness of this metal. A titanium ring would not feel heavier on your finger even if it is quite thick. The strength to density ratio of titanium is high making it highly likely for the use of jewellery because it can prove very comfortable to wear on daily basis.

Advantages of titanium designed rings

Titanium is the only component which holds the combination of beauty, durability, lightweight and bio-compatibility. There are hundreds of design available in the titanium rings section around the globe and If you want a specific design done on your titanium ring you can surely get one done. Titanium holds its form no matter how much pressure it has to go through. So, you can rest assured that, it won’t break if it drops in an unwanted location. Your wedding ring will be as strong as your marital relationship if not strong.


Unlike some other metal’s titanium is bio-compatible which means that you won’t have to face any sort of skin problems if you wear a titanium ring. You ring made out of titanium will never be corroded as it is highly corrosion resistant especially against oxygen.

Platinum is way purer than gold 14 karat gold is just as pure as 58 % however titanium is 90% substance. Titanium provides a stylish grey tone of platinum with a very attractive price point. Platinum is way more expensive. If compared to platinum titanium is way cheaper and it looks just like it. So you won’t be lagging in the style department when wearing a titanium ring. Titanium is the forefront in the designer community and no other metal’s popularity has risen like titanium.Look here.



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