What are the most common mistakes you face with Vastu Shastra?

You Make Vastu Shastra Changes Before Cleaning

Disorder is one of the most common Vastu Shastra problems. There is one for each of us and many do not know how to start its liquidation. It is very tempting to start deploying harmonization items without proper cleaning – after all, this is the more fun part of the best astrology services in Ludhiana. But that could only make the whole situation worse. You want to strengthen the positive energy and not the negative one!

Cleaning up a mess is one of the easiest ways to lift the energy of your home. Proper cleaning is the most effective start for Vastu Shastra changes. Start by devoting half an hour a day to cleaning up your strengths. Do this until you get rid of the mess. You will be amazed at how miraculous change this can bring.

Forget Your Personal Style

Vastu Shastra comes from ancient India and the many healing items it uses are completely new to Western culture. Bamboo flutes, red envelopes, Ba Gua mirrors are very effective, but you may not like having them displayed in your apartment. One of the reasons why Vastu Shastra is so popular in Western civilization is that it has found a way to replace traditional Indian symbols with equally effective objects from western culture. Don’t be afraid to engage your imagination, visualization and your personal symbols. Be brave and imprint the seal of individuality on your space.

If you do not find one of the traditional Vastu Shastra accessories attractive for your home, choose accessories and colors that you will love, which will underline your distinctive style and bring a lot of positive energy into your space.

You Leave The Decision On The Others

Effective application of Feng Sui requires time and attention, which can be difficult. It is tempting to make only a few simple changes or minor adjustments without precise focus and careful attention. If you hire someone to move your furniture, paint the rooms, hang the chimes and buy a fountain and leave the choice entirely up to them, it is clear that you are not putting enough effort into adjusting Vastu Shastra. You may not be interested in making a real difference.

Of course, it’s a good idea to hire a consultant who has experience in applying Vastu Shastra and guides you through the process. But remember that this is a consultation – a conversation between you, Vastu Shastra consultants in Ludhiana and your home. Together, choose suitable colors, materials and accessories. But you should buy them yourself, so you will best feel the energy influences that will enter your space.

You Have Problems With Completion

If you have focused on your strengths, rather than accidentally applying Vastu Shastra, you have certainly achieved significant results and positive changes in your life. Some were quick and easy, others required more preparation and took longer. When working on adjustments, you need to use the right timing. It tries to complete each of them within three days, so the energy input remains strong and concentrated. If you don’t have time to edit during the week, make a commitment to make changes every weekend until you have completed everything you have planned.

Part of working with Vastu Shastra is evaluating the results. Write a plan of changes and goals in a workbook and record individual actions. This way you can best evaluate the progress you have made.

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