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Tips To Make Healthy Popcorns

Watching Netflix and snacking on popcorns is the ultimate Saturday night ritual. Similarly, we are pretty sure that you’ve been lectured about popcorns being junk and how you shouldn’t eat them a lot. Well, it’s equally important to understand that popcorns offer a rich antioxidant and fibre value because well, it’s a whole grain at the end of the day. 

However, people tend to coat these popcorns with salt, butter, sugar, and other chemicals. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these ingredients question healthy choices. On the other hand, you have some choices to make sure popcorns are healthy and don’t pose harmful health impacts.

Use Stovetop 

It’s pretty clear that air popping the popcorns won’t add oil content, which reduces the calorie count. However, you can use small content to make sure popcorns are healthier and feed your hunger. To make popcorns on the stovetop, you can use the pot, oil, and lid to make delicious and healthy popcorns. 

Healthy Oils 

Vegetable oils might be unhealthy, but there are healthier oil choices as well, such as walnut oil, avocado oil, and extra virgin olive oil, and can make the popcorns healthier. If you cannot find these oils, you can opt for canola oil. On the other hand, you cannot use wheat germ or flaxseed oil because they cannot be heated. 

Portion Sizes

The serving portion of the popcorn depends primarily depends on the type of popcorns. For instance, one cup of plain popcorn has thirty calories. However, when you start adding the toppings, the calorie count will be enhanced, so choose the portion size and toppings mindfully.  

Microwave Popcorn

When it comes down to the microwave popcorns, they are not healthy at all because it’s cooked with flavorings and salt. The flavorings tend to be artificial and will increase the calorie count. 

Avoid Butter

Sure, you are in love with the buttered popcorns, but it is usually glazed with other chemicals. It is suggested that you only choose two to three teaspoons of butter at first, but also start reducing the butter content. With this being said, if you must have the buttered popcorn, you need to reduce the portion size. 

Kettle Corn

The kettle corn is made into popcorn by adding salt, oil, and sugar, which reduces the nutrition count. Similarly, it will increase salt intake and calorie content. In addition, it will increase the sodium count, so you need to choose the kettle corn with low-sodium content for optimizing the health standards. 

Added Sweeteners & Chemicals

If the popcorn box or packet is more than popped kernel, know that it will increase the calorie count and reduce the health standards. For instance, the sweet and caramelized popcorns are made with artificial sweeteners. With this being said, it’s important to note down that caramelized and dark chocolate popcorns are only a treat, not a healthy snack. 

Even more, you need to stay away from cheese powder and truffle oil because those are only artificial flavors, not the real cheese or truffle oil. So, it’s suggested that you always read the labels on popcorn boxes while buying popcorns. 

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