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Top Reasons for Hiring Boiler Services Liverpool to Install New Boiler

Winters are approaching, and you felt the need for installing a new boiler? The best time to do it is to get it done during the summer season as you can choose the boiler services, Liverpool, after thorough research. If it does not compel you to do so, keep reading to get to know why you need a new boiler today.

New boiler is efficient

Investing in a new boiler will be more efficient than the old one. New boilers have condensing technology. It makes them more energy-efficient and saves more money. Condensing technology reduces the level of energy waste in your boiler, thus making it over 90% efficient. Your old boiler will be 50% efficient. So think of how much difference it can make in your energy bills.

New boiler lower utility bills

As mentioned previously, it uses less energy which means that it lowers energy bills. This makes it perfect for your home as it reduces the amount of money spent to get it heated. You don’t have to lower the thermostat. Your new boiler will make huge savings.

New boiler comes with a warranty or guarantee

All new boilers provided by the certified company come with warranties or guaranteed. So if your boiler breaks down or needs repairs within a warranty period, it will be the company responsibility. It gives you great peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to spend even a single penny in getting them repaired anytime soon.

New boiler is safer

New boilers also come with gas safety measures to avert the gas leaks or fires that can be dangerous. This means that it makes your home safer than before. Also, to further ensure it, we also suggest that you go with the annual servicing option for your boiler. It helps in making everything runs as smoothly as possible.

New boiler is reliable

If your present boiler is old, you feel that you cannot rely on it as you have to worry about the heating and hot water will reach a higher temperature. With a new boiler, you eliminate all the worries leaving your relaxed.

Different types of boilers


If you have a larger home or large families, then this type of boiler is ideal. They can quickly meet the demand for hot water. You can also use it if you have older radiator systems, as they can cope with the pressure coming out from other boiler types. This conventional boiler needs two water tanks and a storage cylinder, so you need a home that has a lot of extra loft space.




These boilers also are remarkable for large families as they can meet the increasing demand for hot water, whilst needing only one water tank. This makes them perfect for homes that have much less available space. Much like above, you want to make sure that you insulate your cylinder well, to keep away from losing any energy. In addition to this, you’ll be restricted to how much warm water your cylinder can preserve- in case you need any more than this then you should wait for it to refill.


Combi boilers are best for smaller homes, as they mostly need a boiler unit and no different components. It lower main water pressure, so hot water as and when you want it. This makes the boilers very efficient and best for the environment, in addition to which means you in no way have to wait for your water to heat up.

In a nutshell, when you go out for shopping for boiler, you need to have in mind or analyze what type of boiler your home needs. This will help in getting the right one and save your money and time. Read more..

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