101 Ways to Make Your Marijuana Packaging Look Like a Dime

The area of custom marijuana packaging boxes is still comparatively new because of the rapid increase in cannabis or hemp areas. However, as Americans are voting for the legalization of marijuana for both recreational and medical purposes, the demand for custom marijuana boxes designers is booming. 

Factors like branding and security are now coming to the forefront for the packaging of cannabis products, as the demand for marijuana-induced products is intensifying. Companies with marijuana products like THC-fused edibles and beverages and packaging solutions develop varieties of boxes and packaging ideas to make their product look more professional and temping. 

Nevertheless, the structural design should include adherence to the regulation about the consumption of marijuana, information regarding, and child resistance. 

Keeping the above things in regard, here are some of the most outstanding ideas and tricks that could help you build your brand identity by emphasizing its quality and safety. 

Know Your Buyers

Whether your designing packaging for your cannabis-induced product or something else, the top priority should be the knowledge about your customers from every perspective. If you already have a well-established client base, dig deep and see what else you can know about them. Things like average age, gender, social class, and lifestyle can make a difference. The more you will learn about your buyer, the more comfortable it will be for you to meet their demands. 

Once you are entirely familiar with your targeted audience, you can create perfect custom marijuana edibles packaging that will grab their attention and convert them into your long-life buyers. 

Carefully Design Your Packaging

When designing the perfect packaging for your cannabis product, you need to consider the human senses. People always try to pretend that they’re among rational beings, where the fact of the matter is, we often make purchase decisions based on things like shape, texture, and color of the packaging. 

We often underestimate the power of colors. A study was conducted in this regard and found that 70-80% of purchase decisions are based on the product’s box color. You might be thinking about how the color of packaging can fit into the subject of branding or the functionality of the product. For instance, if you are selling a product that is meant to energize your buyer, you need to use bright colors like red, cyan, or yellow, but not black. The same goes for the shape and texture of your custom printed marijuana packaging

Embrace Sustainability 

The matter of sustainability is very crucial. This impacts not only onerous regulations but also on the buyers of the 21st century. Companies who are looking to elevate their marijuana packaging will be grateful to invest in sustainable packaging.  

Luckily, there are a lot of sustainable, yet reliable packaging solutions for the marijuana industry. Packaging solutions now offer 100% recycled and biodegradable packaging made with all-natural material. These packaging boxes are mainly made with kraft, cardboard, and paper board. All of them are eco-friendly. Furthermore, they also give a very posh look while being cheaper than any other packaging solution available in the industry. 

Showcase Your Marijuana Testing Results 

Today, people want to know precisely what they are using as an edible item. The same goes for marijuana-induced products. While every state with legal marijuana consumption has stringent testing regulations, not all require companies to mention those numbers on the packaging boxes. However, it is a fantastic way to elevate your marijuana packaging by showing a few of those astonishing results. 


You can’t possibly fit the complete lab report on your marijuana packaging wholesale, so you might have to practice discretion while sharing those results. Anyhow, what results could be shareable? First of all, your product’s CBD to THC ratio is something your buyers could be interested in. likewise, the concentration of minor cannabinoids could be among the sharable information. However, there are still a lot of buyers who have difficulties in differentiating between CBD and THC. 

Effects and Experiences 

If you want your marijuana packaging to acquire buyers’ attention, you need to reevaluate how you are describing your product. Instead of focusing on how much Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC your product contains, lure your customers through its effects on consuming them. 

For instance, vape companies often name them vapes to relax or sleep and induce an 8:1 THC and CBD ratio. In contrast, it’s packaging highly emphasizes that this product will help you fall asleep earlier. 

Another thing that marijuana companies should work on is flavor. No one knows what “pink spot” or “Black Mama” means. However, if you enlightened your customers with terpenes and flavors, customers will have a clearer idea of what to expect when consuming your product. 

So, here you have the most several ways to make your marijuana packaging look like a dime. Use them to see what perfectly works for you. 

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