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The Online Procedure to get APEDA Registration

India is a agricultural haven of the world. Therefore, food export is such a big business. However, to maintain India’s status quo as that haven, it’s necessary to watch over this business. Thus, APEDA or Agriculture and Processed-food Export Development Authority plays the role of over watch, by making it mandatory for any food exporter to get APEDA registration.

Thankfully, the process to obtain APEDA certificate or Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) is completely online. Through this blog. my goal is to tell you about it as simply as possible.

The process of APEDA registration

To get the APEDA certificate, you have to follow below steps for APEDA registration process:

  1. Go to the APEDA official website and sign up as the new user. The new user registration process is common and a simple one. Just create a user name and your password and you’re good to go.
  2. Login and input your basic details. They are as follows:
    1. Import Export Code
    2. Email ID
    3. Your Contact
  3. You’ll now receive an OTP. To finalize the registration and to protect your account, APEDA opts for two step verification. Thus, once you enter your details, you’ll receive a onetime password to complete the registration process.
  4. File the application form: Once you login, then being a new user, you’ll be automatically taken to the APEDA application form. Fill it with all the details that it asks. When you’re asked to upload the documents, make sure you’ve them ready in any one or all of the following formats:
    1. JPEG
    2. PNG
    3. PDF

As the details you have to file in the application are too many, you can save your progress.  You can login again and start filling the application from the point you previously left off.

  1. Submit the online application fee: Once you fill all the details, pressing on submit will lead into the payment gateway. To pay the APEDA registration fees, you have two online options:
    1. Either use credit card, or
    2. Use the master card.

Your offline option to submit the fee is via the demand draft in favour of APEDA.

Once either you pay the application or choose the offline mode to pay it, your application will be submitted. At that time, you’ll receive the application number. Save it for future reference.

  1. Wait as the application is processed: Your submitted application will then be processed by APEDA officials.
  2. Keep track of the application status: While your application is being processed, you can keep a track on its status using the application number. Make it a habit of checking the status regularly. That way, if there are any issues, you’ll know to take proactive measures to rectify the situation.
  3. Get APEDA certificate: If there are no errors, which would be the case if you have consulted with experts, you’ll receive the APEDA certificate.

Documents required for APEDA registration

APEDA registration documents have to be scanned and stored before being uploaded to the website. With that being said, the documents you require to get APEDA registration are as follows:

  1. Copy of the Import Export Code (IE Code)
  2. Bank Certificate for APEDA registration duly signed by the authorities.
  3. If you’re a manufacturer and an exporter, you’re required to furnish the copy of all the certifications that you’ve acquired to do business:
    1. If you deal with seeds or floricultural products, you need certification from the Department of Horticulture/DIC/SIA.
    2. IF you deal with fruits and vegetables, you’re required to get certification from the Department of Agriculture/Horticulture
    3. If you deal with processed fruits and vegetable products or meat products, you’re required to get FSSAI license.
    4. If you deal with poultry/dairy or Honey products, you’re required to get FSSAI or EIC or EIA certification.
    5. If you deal with alcoholic beverages, you need authorization from the department of excise commissioner.
    6. If you deal with cereals, you’re required to get DIC/FSSAI or SIA certification.


APEDA registration is definitely not  new concept. But the process has now shifted online, even though the documents are pretty much the same. If you’re still having problems following the procedure, you’re not alone. Our experts can assist you in this matter by giving you end to end APEDA registration services.

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