What happens to the body if you give up sugar

What happens to the body if you give up sugar – Mohcky.Com

If You Give Up Sugar To Your Body:


Refined sugar is a substance which does not exist in nature. If you remove it from the diet altogether, then in two days you will feel better, says endocrinologist Tatyana Bocharova.

Russians eat a colossal amount of sweets: the norm of sugar recommended by the Ministry of Health is 24 kilograms per person per year, but in practice, the figure is almost twice as much – 39.4 kilograms. Sugar is found not only in chocolate and cakes but also in most products that can be found on the shelves: from ketchup and sausages to bread with milk.

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This is not to say that sugar is extremely harmful – glucose is needed by the brain, muscles, and the circulatory system. It stimulates the production of pleasure hormones – serotonin and dopamine – and improves mood.

The joy of eating does not last long, though, and the pounds on the sides and health issues will linger, “warns endocrinologist Tatyana Bocharova,” Many people systematically carry on tension with buns and chocolate. Without sugar, you will get glucose and have a positive mood: from cereals, fruit and vegetables, raw, not dried.

No diabetes needed

An excess of sugar is guaranteed to lead to trouble – the leaching of B vitamins (which is fraught with depression and bad mood) and calcium. Tooth enamel becomes thinner and bones become brittle, which can lead to osteoporosis and fractures.

Large amounts of sugar lead to the fact that taste buds “stall” over time: a person increasingly makes a choice in favor of sugary foods – and this is a fast path to obesity, which will accompany high blood pressure and intestinal problems. In addition, insulin (a hormone of the pancreas) rises sharply, which threatens diabetes.

Life without sugar

It is difficult to give up sweets only for psychological reasons.

There is a force of habit, there are social rituals, “says the doctor,” tea with a cake at a gathering, coffee and a morning bun.- In fact, the main thing, if you want to give up sugar, is to replace candy with fruit and hold out in this mode for a week. you will see the first results, and they can be an incentive for you to continue eating in a new way. ”

Morning coffee lovers can substitute spices for sugar-cinnamon, nutmeg, or cardamom. You can eat sweet vegetables – beets, pumpkins, carrots – and fresh fruits, which contain fiber, which makes you satiated faster.

Two days later

Digestion and bowel function will improve. You will notice that the mood has become even, since there will be no chaotic supply of glucose from the outside and, consequently, sudden surges in insulin that provoke anxiety and irritability.

Seven days later

It will enhance the quality of the skin, its color, firmness and elasticity. As sugar stimulates the development of cortisol, the “stress” hormone that induces insomnia, sleep quality will increase. You’re going to fall asleep quicker and get to sleep easier.

Ten days later

You will lose one or two kilograms without additional effort: because of sugar, fluid is retained in the body.

If you were worried about high blood pressure, then it will decrease, since cholesterol in the blood will drop, and after it, the load on the heart.

A month later

In a month, three or four kilograms of weight will go away, insomnia will disappear. Overall brain activity will improve, as sugar consumption makes it difficult for cell-to-cell communication. The hormonal background is normalized, the immunity will improve.

Your sugar rate

If you do not consider it necessary to give up sugar completely, keep in mind. That the WHO (World Health Organization) believes: an adult can eat 25 grams of sugar a day without harm to health. That’s about five teaspoons. You can afford a limit of 50 grams maximum. It is less than 15 grams for children

The sugar found in processed foods also needs to be considered. If you want to know if you are meeting the daily limit or not, then study the labels. It may well be that having eaten one curd cheese, you’ve already surpassed your normal intake of sugar.

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