Gadgets to Make Your Professional Life Easier and Fun

The business in these years is getting smarter with some cool advancement in technology. We now have mind-reading AI and self-processing computers to make professional life easier than ever. But an average office doesn’t need these super-advanced gadgets to make things simpler.

These are the gadgets that will reinvent the workspace by streamlining the everyday processes.

SanDisk Wireless Stick

Connect Wireless Stick from SanDisk allows you to wirelessly access, share, and stream files to any device nearby. With the ability to connect up to 3 devices simultaneously, this reinvented stick is perfect for collaborative projects. You can always physically connect it to the source to use it traditionally.

SanDisk Wireless Stick is available in storage capacities from 16GB to 256GB. You can use it at home as well, with media streaming capabilities.

Upright Go

The impact of a desk job all day is extremely severe for your health. Your spine is taking most of the damage while you’re making a living. Upright Go is a useful tool for people with such a lifestyle to help them sit better.

The device will be connected to your smartphone to record and display statistics related to the goals and improvement. You need to attach it to the upper back, and the Upright Go will vibrate the moment you slouch. Since the gadget is a must-have for health, you can take a personal loan to buy it.

The Everlast Notebook

This gadget is an awesome combination of notebooks and technology for people with a craving for pen and paper. Just as the name suggests, you get a notebook that lasts forever with unlimited pages to write on.

The Everlast Notebook comes with a Pilot Frixion pen and polyester notebook. You can download the Rocketbook app to transfer your notes to any cloud service. To clean the pages, you need to wipe it with a wet fabric.


The idea behind Catchbox is to find an innovative way to make meetings more engaging and fun. It is a microphone designed for conferences, meetings, and events. The only catch here is, you need to catch it before you start with the speaking.

The Catchbox has a portable, customizable, and lightweight design that ensures easy catch-and-throw. The designers have made it completely safe for both the mic and the catcher. The device will also provide outstanding performance with built-in automated technology and surround settings.

Doxie Go

Space is an essential constraint while designing the office layout. Doxie Go portable scanner is the perfect solution for those offices that want to save space from heavy types of machinery. You can scan documents, photos, and receipts with this small device.

You don’t have to connect it to a computer courtesy of expandable SD card storage. It comes with direct upload capability to cloud services and email. You get 400 scans per charge with the Doxie Go portable scanner.


It can be not easy at times to use the technology for displaying the ideas that are best drawn on whiteboards. The eBeamSmartmarker allows you to share whiteboard notes in real-time to anyone connected.

You need to put any dry erase marker in the sleeve of Smartmarker to capture and share everything you write. It eliminates the task of clicking the perfect pictures to share after the conference.


An amazing gift to take a Guaranteed Christmas loan, TimeFlip is a 12-sided dice that keeps track of your activities. You assign each side a task, turn the cube with the side facing upward file performing it, and the cube will track the time for you. It will store the data in the cloud to keep it secure.

This super-cool gadget comes with an app and web interface to access the graphical analysis of the tasks. You can check the timesheet for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly performance.


Your office bag generally includes a pen, power bank, pen drive, a stylus, and maybe a screen cleaner. Think of them all included in a small device. The ChargeWrite+ is the answer here with everything mentioned above provided in a compact body.

The memory stick provided can store 16GB of data, enough to carry a serious amount of digital files and documents. The power bank is not device-restricted and can be used for both Android and iPhone.

Gotek: Wireless Keyboard

People working remotely need devices that are compact and reliable. Gotek wireless keyboard makes backpacking a lot easier with the rollable design and in-built Bluetooth speaker. The portability is fantastic, combined with the comprehensive support for different devices.

It is perfect for ground reporters to work on any possible terrain. For the regular corporate employees, it makes it easy to make last-minute changes to the presentation or start a conference call anytime and anywhere.

In the end, it depends on you how cool and convenient you want to make your workspace. With these gadgets, performing everyday tasks will no longer be a drag. If you are short on money, consider the unsecured personal loans Ireland offers from direct lenders.


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