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HP printer won’t turn on? Here’s what you need to do

Is the printer malfunctioning and the HP printer does not turn on? It’s quite annoying if the printer suddenly shuts down in the middle of important work, and however often you try, it doesn’t respond to some of your attempts.

HP printer

This may be due to many factors. Hardware problems are likely the cause, but you should consider each element that may be causing the matter. You need to understand what are the key steps you can take to resolve this dilemma.

Therefore, below are some comprehensive troubleshooting techniques to help you fix the issues.

4 Repair Strategies A problem with the HP printer cannot turn on

Suppose you have an important job to submit and your HP printer is unresponsive. It can be a pain. All you need in times like this is a quick and effective solution that can save you from this torment.

There are many methods by which you can approach the case. The exact descriptions of these approaches are provided below for you to try, take a look!

Strategy 1: Assess your skills

The first thing you want to test is whether the printer is properly connected. Unplug the printer plug from the electrical outlet, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in. After reconnecting the printer, press the power button on the printer.

Check that the power indicator lights start blinking rapidly. If it doesn’t, press the power button again. One thing to keep in mind in this scenario is that sometimes HP printers take a while to turn on.

Therefore, be patient while doing this work. Do not press the power button for a long time. As this may turn on the printer and immediately shut it down.

Strategy 2: Assess hardware damage

After completing the electricity assessment, carefully assess the printer for any signs of damage to the equipment. Severe hardware damage can cause the HP printer not responding.

To evaluate the damage, first disconnect the printer from the power source. Disconnect both of its electrical cables except the energy module. Depending on the printer model you are using, the energy module can be found outside or inside.

If you later use a cellular printer, the battery acts as the power source. After unplugging the power to this printer, check for any obvious physical damage. If you realize that the power cord is damaged, contact the manufacturer for replacement.

You can tell if the power cord is damaged or not with a very simple test. Electric cable connected to the energy module of this printer. Remove the power module from the printer, and then plug the power cord into a nearby electrical outlet.

There is green light on the grid. Check that the lamp is lit after plugging the power cord into the outlet. If the light does not turn on, the power cord is damaged. In such cases, you would have to replace the cable.

Strategy 3: Evaluate an electrical outlet

It begins with reconnecting the power adapter to the HP printer. After you finish putting things back the way they were plugged into the power cord into a regular electrical outlet. However, make sure that the power cord is securely connected to the mains.

This is an important thing, so be careful. Turn on the electrical outlet. If the printer does not respond, change the power outlet you are currently working in.

Plug the power cord into a different power source and turn on the power. If the printer starts working, it is clear that the problem is with the electrical outlet you normally use.

Strategy 4: Remove the USB cable

Here’s one last method you can do yourself in case the HP printer doesn’t turn on. Change the HP printer and find the USB Connect interface.

After detecting it, disconnect the USB connector. Now turn on the printer. If the printer starts working, remember that the problem is a faulty or damaged USB connector.

It would be required to disconnect the USB connector indefinitely or replace it with a completely new one.

With any luck, this article has managed to offer some relevant data that you can use to fix this problem. Carefully go through these measures and your HP printer will be up and running in almost no time.

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