Skirts that slim the figure

How to choose the right skirts so that it hides all flaws and emphasizes its advantages?

What to look for in the selection process

When choosing a piece of clothing, a girl should pay special attention to her own parameters:

  1. height;
  2. leg length;
  3. calf and ankle thickness;
  4. the volume of the hips;
  5. fullness of the knees;
  6. presence or absence of a belly.

Flared skirts

The hem of the skirts is no higher or lower than the knee, high cut, tight-fitting belly and waist. Due to the pleats on the skirts, the legs appear slimmer of branded clothing. Pleats expand the hem, which is why this effect is achieved. The style is perfect for hiding full thighs.

Looks great with a heel below the knee. And for a shorter model, you can look at ballet flats.

Flounce skirts

The coat looks great in combination with the right pattern, tailoring and length. This style is great for women who are not too slim. The checkered pattern makes the figure slimmer, and the darts, when correctly positioned, narrow both the back and the front. Positioning them correctly will make your hips look graceful. In order to hide full knees, it is worth choosing a flared option. This will visually narrow them down. But if you have really full knees, then it is better to hide them.

A straight skirt with a flounce at the bottom also looks great. This style is perfect when the length ends just below the knee – in the thinnest part. This will make your legs look slimmer.

Pencil skirt

The most popular style for girls with an imperfect figure is a semi-tight pencil skirt, not too narrow at the hem and a small slot in the back. In most cases, the choice falls on the black model. Such a garment will hide imperfections on the hips and abdomen, on the knees, make the figure visually slimmer and taller. An ideal complement to the look will be nude heeled shoes. You can also try on sandals. If the skirt is black, the color of the sandals can be absolutely any.

A pencil skirt with a vertical pattern would also be an excellent option, and the model itself can be of any color. The patterned model should be just below the knee, with a high waist and moderately narrow. Remember, there should not be any additions or decorations on it. They will unnecessarily weigh down the image.

Another good solution would be a large cage model. The pattern should not be too contrasting, with brightly highlighted stripes. High waist, slightly tapered at the bottom, just above the kneecap – ideal. In this case, the color does not have to be red, but also blue and green. These colors go well with black, as well as with small white inserts.

A four-piece skirt, popularly referred to as a four-piece. A style where the seams run down the middle of the thigh for maximum effect, stretching your silhouette. Vertical seams visually divide the body into four sections, narrower and longitudinal. A similar effect is unattainable in a classic cut, when the seams are at equal distances: side, front and back.

An excellent addition to the “four-piece” will be leather inserts, alternating with suede. This mixing helps to create a more dramatic effect. The length of such a skirt can vary from short (just above the knee) to long (below the knee).

A denim skirt, complemented by buttons and a small slit in the front, is perfect for a woman of any age and any build. You should choose a thinner material, because thick denim is plump. Also, don’t avoid patch pockets.

A-line skirt

Such a garment not only slims the plump bottom, but also visually reduces the area above and below the kneecaps. A great decoration would be a false or real smell. In addition, you should give preference to a flowing, but dense fabric. The fringe decoration does not have any effect, but it can perfectly complement the look.

The hem of the skirt can be either straight or asymmetrical, and it is better to choose a lightweight upper part. When choosing a wrap skirt, you can choose with both a longer and a shorter top layer.

Viscose or synthetic cotton is suitable as a summer option. The cut of such a model should be free, and the bottom may be flared. Thanks to the material, the model will fit perfectly on the figure, and the bell bottom will give your legs a slender look. This type of style looks great with both low and high shoes.

Vertical stripes

This design is most suitable for an A-line skirt. For a hot summer and off-season, a nondescript stripe and a semi-tight cut would be the best option. The length of the hem may vary, but if your knees bother you, the best solution is to hide them under the hem. A stunning addition to such an item of your wardrobe will be a smell or buttons located in a row.

Can be worn with or without heels.

Recommendations when choosing

Every owner of imperfect legs dreams of hiding them. But this does not mean that you need to wear shapeless robes or baggy skirts. Here are some guidelines to help hide any imperfections:

  1. Excessively full legs and hips require special attention. With such a figure, a wide flare from the waist looks best, and the length should be to the floor. Also, a multi-link or year would be a good choice. A wrap skirt with vertical print also produces the desired effect. The length can be shortened depending on the fullness of the calves and lower legs. It is best to identify the most beneficial traits and focus on them.
  2. Legs in the shape of the letter “O”. In this case, a mid-calf skirt or to the point where the curvature ends will suit you. Any style of skirt will do, but you should take into account the height and possible fullness.
  3. Legs in the shape of the letter “X”. In this situation, a style with a flared flounce or in the shape of an asymmetric year is perfect. The length of the hem should be below the knee, and the shuttlecock should start above it.

Required additions

There are some objects and details that can multiply the desired effect, or rather, harmony. Here is a list of the most popular ones:

  1. Seam in the middle of the thigh.
  2. Thin vertical stripe.
  3. Front and back slots.
  4. Hem with asymmetrical length.
  5. Asymmetrical shuttlecock or scent.
  6. Diagonal pattern.
  7. Full-length lacing.
  8. Slant pockets.

In addition, it is worth giving preference to a flowing, poorly stretching matte fabric rather than a glossy one. A great addition would be shoes with heels, which visually slim and stretch your legs.

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