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You can’t buy happiness but you can buy jewelry that gives the same. Everyone likes something, but some are really passionate about it. And when it comes to jewelry, it is like an area of interest for every woman. The sparkle in their eyes and the shine on their face is all about jewelry. And sometimes it’s even ok to be obsessed with jewelry if it gives you happiness. It is that one little thing that can make you look unique.

Every piece of jewelry has an importance of its own. If we talk about kaliras they have their traditional importance as well as physical beauty. Kaliras indicate blessings from the bride’s family for the newlywed could and wish them a happy life ahead. The kaliras have been gifted by the bride’s maternal family and friends as was a tradition in Punjabi weddings, but today it has become a fashion trend or to say it an important jewelry piece that compliments a bride’s look is also right.

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Now all the brides-to-be want to pair their bangles with a beautiful set of kaliras. And so they pick it for themselves from the huge variety of kaliras available today.

Yes, you read it right there are several options of kaliras available for a bride to choose from. They beautifully hang like chandeliers and also are available in a range of colors to match any of your outfits.

These beautiful kaliras add so much sparkle to your eyes that you can’t stop yourself from picking one but on the other hand these options can surely put you in a dilemma of which one to pick for yourself.

But don’t worry this article is all for your help, to tell you about various trending kalira designs that you can pick for yourself that will complete your bridal look.


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Elegant and eternal with a taste of tradition, they are the traditional golden kalira, you can never go wrong about them. These glitter kaliras have an immortal charm that is very difficult for any bride to ignore.  While selecting a kalira for your wedding you might be up with various options in different shapes, sizes, and designs which can cause a blunder in your head, but if you pick these gold traditional kaliras for your wedding, you are going to make a  suitable choice for yourself. They are undoubtedly going to be a classic and traditional choice for your wedding.


The sober and chime charm of the shell makes kaliras unmatchable and eternal. Every bride would love to pick a pair of such kaliras for her wedding. They are a fresh and eternal style of kaliras trending these days. The charm of these trending kaliras is enough to make all jaws drop all across the wedding venue.

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The praises of your locks in your wedding attire will itself tell you that you make a good choice by choosing these kaliras for your marriage attire. The only thing that you need to keep in mind before picking a couple of kaliras for yourself is to make sure that you choose the correct size of the shell to provide you with ease and comfort.


If you choose these jingling kaliras to complete your bridal look, then you will surely grab a thousand eyeballs like a fashion star who knows all about the ongoing trends. Yes, and it is so because these are among the most trending kalira designs these days. From stars to the common public the audience of course brides like this style a lot. If you choose these trending kaliras for your Bridal look, don’t worry you are not making any mistakes.

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Just all you need to do is pair these kaliras with your bridal lehenga. It will put you all under the spotlight and you are all set to look flawless and extremely gorgeous.


Some of the brides want something heavy and traditional as per their teat. These three-tier trading kaliras are a perfect choice for them.

The best part about these three tire kaliras is that they fully transform your look and make you look traditional with a twist. So to sit in short, for those who wish for something with a little edge and traditional outlook these trending kaliras are the perfect choice for them to complete their bridal look.

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Out of all types of kaliras made with gold and silver, kaliras made with flowers are trending among brides these days. If these kaliras are made of fresh flowers it is like a cherry on the cake that completes your bridal look, but not the natural flowers, it is no damage at all because kaliras are made with artificial and colorful kaliras also do it for you. These kaliras give you a gorgeous national touch and complete your bridal looks.

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Weddings these days are all about a start call and the entire family and friends are all busy with the preparations. From food to decoration, from maang tikka jewelry to modern lehengas, and from the bride to the broom, a lot of things are to take care of.

But if we talk about jewelry it is a thing of beauty that has its joy forever. And every bride to be craving for this joy.

But you can’t stick to the same menu every day. Like these trending kaliras were traditionally made of gold and were gifted to the bride by her family wishing her a happy married life, but girls today are open to various options and so they want something matchy or something funky for their wedding look.

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And the list of these trending designs is never-ending but it’s all up to you to decide about your joy which eventually comes when you choose the right option. So from the above-mentioned types of latest kaliras pick the best pair of trending kaliras for your wedding that completes your bridal looks.

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The point is what you choose should make you feel special in it, it should complement your wedding attire. So wear your joy with these trending kaliras and complete your gorgeous bridal look.


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