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7 Things to keep in mind when buying a new Phone

New iPhone comes in and it marks the end of the old Samsung. The race between mobile brands is always on and this race has added many features of user’s interest in phones. There are numerous Chinese brands which have made their way in lower price range. This cycle always makes the mobile phone industry fresh, competitive and hot. The phones are everywhere they are necessity rather a luxury. When you are on the way to buy a smartphone then always keep in mind these seven golden points.

  • What is Your Budget for the Phone?
  • Specifications of the Phone
  • Camera Quality
  • Software updates
  • Brand Recognition
  • Warranty Claims
  • Resale Value

What is Your Budget for the Phone?

Before igniting your automobile to go to purchase a phone just take a deep breath and plan your budget to buy the phone. This is surly no brainer. The more you invest, the more you get is the simple formula while dealing with price issue. The tech wonders iPhone, Samsung and Nokia are always expensive one but he prices may varies from region to region.

The Chinese phones coming in lesser price but features are more and they have given a tuft time to these smartphone giants. All you need is to browse through the internet or pay a window shopping visit to the mobile phone repair market.

Specification of the Phone

The more sugar makes it more sweater is true to say when talking about specifications of the phone. There are a few aspects you should have a look on while finalizing the specification of your dream phone battery backup, screen resolution and the last but not the least is camera. We will now check on these aspects one by one.

Everything is under your thumb is the moto of digital world, so you must have a fast phone because mobile apps need a healthy RAM. As the time passes by the need of a Large RAM is increasing because the tech world is becoming smart and every business has its app alongside website. At present the RAM with the size of 2 GB would be great to run mobile applications quite fast. Also the phone should have atleast 300 ppi (pixels per inch) and 2100 mAh battery to run your apps in a great fashion.

Camera Quality

In the era of DSLR camera, the phone camera has become an important feature especially for selfies. Thus, the resolution of your camera should be high enough to give a meaning to your pictures. The higher the Mega Pixel the higher will be the resolution of your phone. Generally speaking, the phone camera of tech giants like iPhone and Samsung are usually adorable. There are many Chinese phones in the market giving a higher resolution in a low price but usually their quality is not up to the mark.

Software Updates

An important feature that you should consider is the operating system updates because it adds some of the great features to your phone. Usually Apple wins the battle over Android in terms of updates because their updates reach quite fast to their enlisted iPhone versions world-wide. Then Google Nexus fetches the updates ever before any Android version of phone. The flagship phones picks up updates after these top brands.

Brand Recognition

It might not be a factor to consider for some of us but it is a great parameter to understand the value of phone in the market.  The iPhone and Samsung are at the fingertips of everybody to consider them to purchase but the Chinese brands and some other local brands even with great features have missed the “wow factor”. Thus, the brand recognition has a great value to buy the phone.

Warranty Claims

Buying a phone without a warranty is not a great idea because your purchase would always be at a risk of unwanted faults. You should always consider to buy a phone with a warranty with one year warranty. The Apple’s iStores are not officially located in some of the countries therefore check the phone on all the technical scales to be satisfied. Android phone selling companies usually have their warranty centers in the almost all the countries.

Resale Value

The resale value of your phone is a factor that we consider most of the times. Samsung and iPhones are your best bet when you consider the factor. As the new phones releases the last flagship phones prices gets down. These tech giants are considered as the best phones ever for resale purposes. The Nokia is also getting in again in the list after a long break.

All the mentioned factors are truly important and must be considered. We have briefly covered all the hot features that you should consider to purchase the phone.

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