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Tips To Take Care of Your Beauty and Wellness during Covid-19

If you are at home, social distancing, practicing self-isolation, and contributing towards flattening the COVID-19 curve, bless your heart! Amidst this lockdown, we are spending more time at home than ever. It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or extrovert, you must be struggling. Fortunately, Internet providers are keeping us connected and distracted from the gloominess around us.

The key to survival in these trying times starts with practicing self-care which also includes taking care of your beauty and wellness. Don’t know where to get started? Follow this guide:

1: Create a Skincare Routine a Ritual

Most of us aren’t wearing makeup at all, which is great for the skin. But it’s not enough. You might still break out. The only way to fix this is to follow a skincare routine. Plus, your skin will thank you!

Here’s what must be a part of your ritual:

  • Cleanse: Daily cleansing is important, even if you are not exposed to pollutants. Get a cleaner suitable for your skin type and use it to cleanse your skin daily. And if you have to wear makeup someday, make sure you remove it before going to bed.
  • Apply SPF: Yes, even if you stay indoors, you must apply SPF. It will offer you protection against UV rays.
  • Moisturize: Keep your face, hands, and body moisturized. Since everyone’s extra cautious about washing hands and staying sanitized, your hands are likely to get dehydrated. Buy yourself the perfect moisturizer to hydrate your skin.

2: Get Up and Stay Active

Everyone knows staying active is good for not just your physical but mental health as well. There are so many exercises you can do from home. Yoga is a great option to start with. A minute 5 yoga session a day will wake up your body.

If you are the type of person who likes outdoors, a run, jog, or walk in the morning, afternoon, or evening would be great to lift your spirits.

3: Chat With Your Family and Mates

We can’t meet our friends and family in person and that’s depressing. Some people have started covering themselves in plastic sheets to meet their loved ones. That’s not possible for everyone.

Kick sadness to the curb by calling your friends and family. Use WhatsApp, Facebook, iMessages, or the old fashioned home phone to call them up. Share your feelings and tell them what you are doing to keep busy. This will lighten up your heart.

4: Try New Recipes

Quarantine has transformed every other person into a chef. Why not you as well? There are so many recipes to try. Set goals of cooking something new each week. Involve the kids in this adventure too. If Kobe, the one-year-old baby can be a chef, your kids can, too.

Avoid those recipes with expensive ingredients to make sure you don’t exceed your monthly budget of groceries. P.S. Avoid trips to the grocery store instead, prefer online grocery shopping.

5: Eat Well

Cooking new recipes is a great idea to stay distracted. But don’t forget you must eat well to keep your immune system strong. Maintain your eating habits. Don’t binge eat snacks, sugary food, fizzy drinks, and other beverages all the time. Also, minimize takeout food or drive-thru options.

6: Don’t Give Up On Reading

Some of us are more into reading than watching TV. That’s me. My husband, on the other hand, is more interested in TV and so he’s always hunting what channels does Spectrum offer which he hasn’t watched much.

If you are into books, choose a book from your bookshelf. A good book also serves as a great distraction.

You might even encourage your kids to read books during the quarantine. You and the kids can read together or maybe even start a family book club on Zoom and invite their friends.

7: Take a Break from The Media

Social media and news are saturated by COVID-19 updates. While staying informed is essential, it’s so vital to take a break because our brains can only take so much information right now.

Teach your kids and yourself to visit trusted sources for getting the news updates. Everyone at home must take a break from social media, too. The more you keep yourself busy in other activities, the easier it is to detoxify yourself from tech and media. This is mandatory for everyone’s mental health.

8: Learn Something New

Do you have a wish-list of achievements sitting somewhere in your old journals? Did you always want to learn a new language, play the piano, or paint? If yes, now you have all the time in the world to achieve those goals.

Don’t feel like learning something? No worries, another good distraction is picking up a new hobby. Start journaling, cooking, gardening, organic farming, knitting, sewing, and the list goes on and on.

9: Make Yourself a Playlist

Music can be a real mood booster. Whenever you are feeling down or alone, hit the music. For that, it’s best to create 2 to 3 playlists. Ask your friends to suggest some songs, too.

Make sure you pick motivating and cheerful music. A happy song can make you cheerful and a sad song can make you depressed. Therefore, be mindful of your music options.

10: Watch a Movie or TV Show

The best distraction in the world (which works for most of us) is an incredible movie or a TV show. Find something that interests you. I won’t’ recommended consuming too much content either. Strike a balance.

Some great TV show suggestions include The Good Place, Money Heist, and High Fidelity. As for the movies, suggestions include, The Way Back, The High Note, and The Call of the Wild. When you are unable to pick a movie or a show, turn on the TV and see what’s on the cable. Thankfully, TV plans have great entertainment to offer too.


While you are caring for yourself and your dear ones, don’t forget to give to the community. There are so many deserving families out there who could use your help. Find them, reach out to them, and offer whatever help you can. Be as accessible –  just as the Spectrum corporate phone number (1-855-837-6837) on your speed dial – and let your children volunteer too.

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