How to become a creative UI/UX designer

How to become a creative UI/UX designer?

Looking for ways to become a unique UI/UX designer. You are at the right place. It is the era of blogs, websites, editing, creating, browsing, graphic design, etc., making designing a demanding domain in today’s world.

UI/UX designing is not only in demand but a highly paid job with professional recognition and interaction with new interfaces daily. There are various tools and online platforms, including the communities that can help you become a UI/UX designer. Creative Bloq, UC creative, and Designhill are some of the most popular blogs that can help you start your journey to becoming a UX/UX designer. Before starting with how to let’s see what exactly does UI/UX designing means.

Difference between UI and UX-

UI and UX are different terms but at the same time, go hand in hand as a part of graphic design. Is that confusing? Here’s the explanation.

UI stands for user interface design or user interface engineering, which works on user interfaces for machines and softwares such as laptops, mobile phones, home appliances, and other gadgets. It is more about screens, pages, and visual elements like icons, background, lights, sounds, buttons, designing, etc. It mainly focuses on enhancing user experience, providing the best out of its best, and increasing its use by the users at a tremendous rate. UI is anything and everything that involves all the elements that enable the user to interact with a product or service on the other end of the bridge.

UX stands for user experience, all about its personal experience while using or interacting with every element and aspect of any digital product or service. It is quite abstract to understand and includes the opinion one generates while coming in contact with a particular product. It revolves around fulfilling the customer’s needs and being satisfied with the company’s offerings through its products and services. UX is everything abstract as in experience that a user builds up after using that product or services.

How to become a UI Designer-

  1. Research

The first step towards becoming a creative UI designer is simply sitting back at your desktop and browsing on the internet, collecting information, and making notes from the websites you came across.

Write down the points that attract you the most about that particular site, whether it is the font, color, theme, design, or the location of different tabs and icons. It will help you as a sample when working on your own as a UI Designer.

  1. Working with the Tools

As soon as you know about all the tools used to create the aesthetic look on the websites/ web pages or apps. Half of the work will be mastered; after all, it’s all about the effect and the best effect imparted by the tools. The better the tool, the better the knowledge, the better will be the outcome.

For UI, there are two types of tools- Visualizing tool and prototyping tool.

Visualizing tools are used to create a wireframe of your ideas and concepts digitally, examples such as Sketch, Figma, Invision, and Adobe XD.

Prototyping tools are used to create prototypes from the wireframes. It can be used as a practice or sample of the website or app that you are creating, which can be sent for review before being approved. Visual tools offer prototyping options too. Examples such as Graphic design, Marvel, Axure.

  1. Creating a portfolio and socializing

When learning to be a UI/UX designer, one needs to have their portfolio showcase their previous works to the clients. Also, one should know about socializing to communicate with clients easily.

Do the best of your ability by creating new samples, practice works, apps, and websites and include only those that stand out of all in your portfolio because it directly influences your resume. Hire a mentor or get advice from the ones already masters at this industry to know their first experience, mistakes, and note what they say.

Once you are sure to opt for UI Designing as your career, join community groups and social networking sites with your bio indicating you as a UI designer. You can participate in contests conducted by companies like Designhill to showcase your work and be chosen.

Talk to people around and get connected, increase your domain. Let people know you as an available UI designer, making it easy for people to hire you directly. Make sure to upload your portfolio to get a paid job as a UI designer Designation at every social networking site.

How to become a UX designer-

  1. Research –

Before entering this workspace, you need to understand that it takes a lot of input, but the output is immense. You need to be a trained UX designer or certified with a UI degree to enter here with a serious career plan. UX designing is a bit of work because it needs complete knowledge about the technical part and the psychological part. The study of human interaction is the key to this field.

The more you get deeper into learning about people’s interaction, interpretation, communication, software designing, Graphic designing, etc., the more likely you are to become a UX designer. Read articles, blogs, books, and professional UX designer works to know better and get involved with companies like Designhill to upload your work and be seen in this vast business of work and people through their contests conducted.

  1. Working with tools-

Remember, the first and foremost step to UX designing or any other field is having the skills, qualification, and huge amount of knowledge. Coding, Visual communication, wireframing, prototyping, logo maker, graphic design, app prototyping are a few tools you need to work with and get your hands on these just like professionals.

Being skilled and masters of all tools used at UX designing is what it’s going to take, and remember to keep updating your tools and knowledge never to lack behind as it is a tech-related field and something new is being launched each day.


  1. Creating a portfolio and socializing

Prepare sample apps/websites and experiment with what comes out of the box and unique about you and your designing; make sure to include those samples in your portfolio. Originality and uniqueness will make you stand out and your work, making it attractive and pulls big companies like Designhill to notice you and your work.

Make your profile at every social networking site, join community groups and upload your portfolio to all the renowned industrialists in this field to be noticed or reach out to companies like Designhill for the same through contests and test participation. The advice to become a UX designer is to observe and absorb the audience and customers you need to impress, see through their eye what fits the best, and create the best user experience.

Final Words

The more you will learn, the more you will grow in this field. Keep learning and exploring the wide domain you have chosen, If you inspire to become UX/UI designer, no one can ever stop you from it

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