How To Write Unique and Engaging Content: Tips & Tricks

There are many articles published on the internet but only some of them gather the attention of the readers. An underlying reason behind this is the quality of the content posted. For an article to be compelling for the readers it must have two main things: uniqueness and engaging yet informative content.

These two things are important not only in content writing but also in academia. The experts that help in writing dissertation for the students also keep their work unique and engaging. This article will provide some tips and tricks that can help you make your content more engaging

1- Divide The Text into Heading And Sub-Headings

In an era of overloaded information, it is more difficult than ever to hold the reader’s attention. To make it easier for him to comprehend the information, the text should be divided into headings and sub-headings, and the topic of each should be separated in its title.

2- Start From An Interesting Point

Any story, article, or content should start with the most interesting part, regardless of which part of the plot or narration it belongs to. This rule works for any writing – it will help make both the book and the article being discussed in a circle of friends.

3- The Shorter The Better

The readers take a few minutes out of their busy schedules; therefore, the content should be short and precise. Moreover, for making SEO-optimized content it should have shorter sentences. The length of the sentence should not exceed twenty words. This trick also helps to improve the readability of your content.

4- Write For The Reader

Many writers focus on getting their articles ranked on search engines. Therefore, sometimes the text does not make any sense. Such content fails to gain the attention of the reader. People might click on that article but won’t read it thoroughly and leave. A text is engaging when it is written for the reader, not the search engine.

5- Add Visuals and Graphics

For making your content unique and engaging add high-quality pictures relevant to your content. By adding graphics, your content becomes more understandable for the reader. According to research, an article with high-quality visuals has 80% more chance to be read by the audience. Such content attracts the attention of the readers from the very beginning.

6- Ask For The Feedback

Half a century ago, in order to find out the opinion of readers about a book, a writer had to spend years. But today this process has become easier. You can ask for feedback from the audience at the end of each article. After receiving the feedback it is important to process it and take important points for improvement.

7- Share Your Emotions and Opinion

People tend to learn more from the experiences of others. Therefore, they look for such content that contains real-time experiences of individuals with their opinions. As a writer you should never be afraid to share your own thoughts and emotions with the reader, this will make your content emotionally catchy.

8- Original and Unique

There are many publishers on the internet and billions of articles about similar topics. Then how to grab the attention of the reader? It is important to make your content unique from the others. This uniqueness can come from your writing style, your way of presenting the information, the structure, and the originality of content.

The most useful tools for checking the originality of the text and keeping it grammatically correct are Grammarly and Copyscape. Even the top essay writing services in UK use different tools for making the project free from all mistakes

9- Solid Conclusion

The writer should always keep in the head what conclusion he wants to bring to the reader – from the very moment, he started writing the text. The articles without any conclusion are vague and leave the reader in confusion. Therefore, always wrap the article with catchy lines.

Final Words

Make your content user-friendly, easy to read, and interpret. The success of your writing lies at the hand of the reader. Therefore, follow the tips and tricks to make your content more engaging and unique

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