Keep Your Kids Safe: Guide Them How To Use Masks & Sanitizers

After being locked in the house for a long time, children again got another chance to make their fantasy world come alive. But be aware, because this year is going to be unlike any other schooling year. If you’re a parent, you probably have plenty of questions to ask.

However, in light of the protection against Covid-19, schools are also getting creative to undertake preventive measures that ensure students’ safety. Still, as a parent, you need to look after your little one’s health.

Schools are working hard to minimize the big group gatherings; still, it’s difficult to handle kids because they aren’t fully aware of the harmful effects that stem from the virus’s transmission. That’s why it is up to you how you prepare them for today’s schooling requirement.

 Back to School Shopping

Those traditional notebooks, pencils, and additional geometry material supplies are fine, but now you need to add a few more things to your list. Such as-

  • Face masks
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Sanitizing sprays

Note down all these little things in your checklist, but make sure that you buy a multi-layer mask with the right fabric. For instance, it should be breathable, ensuring proper safety from airborne particles or virus transmission.

Similarly, make sure you buy a quality hand sanitizer that doesn’t harm the skin over excessive usage. Also, it must be satisfying the required conditions (e.g., it should contain 70% alcohol) because to kill viruses instantly, these sanitizers are the best.

Don’t forget to keep the backpack and lunch box clean and germ-free. And always tell your kid to keep them adequately sanitized.

Ways To Encourage Your Children For Using Mask & Sanitizer


Don’t make mask-wearing or using hand sanitizers an irritating situation; just take it as a good habit and encourage your children to use these things. Provide them consistent directions indirectly in addition to just ordering. They’ll soon start understanding it; thus, they’ll not take much time to adopt it fully.

Let’s glance at the ways to make mask-wearing and hand sanitizing a vital part of their daily life.

Be consistent

Remind your boy or girl to wear masks in a disciplined manner, just like you. Every time encourage them not to touch the mask’s surface and avoid touching surfaces around. If required, use sanitizers.

Explain why?

Don’t forget that as a parent, you sometimes have to play a teacher’s role when it comes to sharing some valuable knowledge with them. They perhaps ask you lots of questions, so tell them why using masks and sanitizer is essential.

Take a picture

If your kids are fond of social media, even though they enjoy smartphone things more, snap their photo in a mask. If they don’t feel confident in masks, this picture will clear their doubt.

Personalize Masks

Choose stylish or designer masks if your children dislike wearing them because they don’t look cool. Perhaps the designer pattern or texture might encourage them to start wearing a mask. It’ll undoubtedly be going to make things easier for you. Without thinking twice, you should end up purchasing these attractive masks online.

Practice at home

If your kid hasn’t yet started going school, it’s the high-time to initiate some practices amid this battle against the harmful virus. See how your kids wear masks at home, how he/she uses a sanitizer. Mark all these little points as they’re likely to repeat these mistakes in their regular classes as well. Even though they have started attending school classes, make sure you take references from teachers about your kid and how they are doing. Are they following the guidelines, you need to think over these little things.

 Become a Role Model

Children follow their parents; that’s why don’t hesitate to become a role model for them. The way you’ll use masks and hand sanitizer, they’ll also follow the same. So make sure you don’t make any mistakes and always educate your kid.

Purchase best quality masks and sanitizers

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