The best ways to transport goods and their function

There is an element that is not usually taken into account when making the decision to export products to new international markets, which guarantees the correct execution of the order, such as adequate packaging.

Packaging is: everything that is required in terms of adjusting the products for their concentration and temporary protection, reflecting on their handling, transfer and storage

In this sense, the quality of the cargo does not vary and remains safe. For most businesses, your product is the most important thing. Proper protection of the merchandise helps it reach the consumer in perfect condition, which helps reduce the number of returns and consequently reduces the losses of any company.


In addition, according to the regulations and the insurance policy of the transport companies, the merchandise must be properly packed so that in case of breakage or blows the insurance covers the damages caused. A large number of shippers are unaware of this information and in many situations they send their items in low quality containers or directly without any kind of packaging.

Functions of packaging in transport

  • Preservation of the products: in the meantime the transfer and storage of the products lasts.
  • Identification: provides information on the qualities of the merchandise and the form of maneuver used, reducing the possibility of wear or loss.
  • Product handling : facilitates the counting, distribution and transport of packaging materials and packages.
  • Improvement of the brand image: by using attractive packaging and labeling, you will be creating a positive image of your seal for the final consumer, in such a way that you provoke the purchase of the product and build a good reputation for the brand.
  • Packaging is very different from packaging. While the packaging is based on the procedure to arrange the load in the safest way in the transfer or storage and is focused mainly on the logistics sector. On the other hand, the container is the container in which the product goes directly, protecting it and in turn making the commercial presentation of the merchandise. It is, above all, focused on marketing tasks.

Types of packaging in transport

It should be noted that the packaging strategies that companies have can be established in different ways depending on what we want to achieve:

  • Same packaging: these are established for items belonging to the same line, so that customers associate them to it and can easily identify the product.
  • One of the most appropriate packaging is the fence boxes that are solely designed especially for shipping purpose.
  • Reusable packaging: once the product inside is finished, we have the possibility of reusing the product packaging for other purposes. An example would be the Nutella brand and its famous jars that could be reused as a glass or as a container for the kitchen.
  • Multiple packages: these are those that offer several units, identical or complementary with a lower price than if we bought them separately. It is usually used to present promotions or also in gifts that justify the higher price. An example would be the perfumes that are usually sold accompanied by another item from the line such as a travel-format perfume or a deodorant, etc. Many perfume brands make use of custom fence partition boxes to ship them in a bulk quantity.



So, keeping in mind the functions of packaging, we can easily make sure that the items that are shipped from one place to the other are safely transited. All you have to do is identify your needs for an impressive packaging as well as safe for your products.


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