How to change, edit, and disable your Yahoo Mail Signature

Yahoo mail is a globally known mailing service popular for providing good services. You can use this mailing service for your business as well as for personal use. Yahoo also allows you to add mail signatures. You can add relatable content, your favorite quote, and anything you want on your message footer as a signature. Whenever you send any message, the signature will automatically get added at the end of the message. You can easily add, change, disable, and edit the mail signature.

Editing Yahoo Mail Signature with Yahoo Application

People often want to edit the Yahoo mail signature from time to time. Sometimes people want to change the signature from personal to a more professional way. If you are using a difficult signature and want to update it with a simple one then you can easily edit it by following a few steps. If you want to edit the Yahoo mail then follow the mentioned steps:

  1. Open your Yahoo mail application
  2. Navigate to the profile
  3. Click on the settings
  4. Choose General and choose the Signature option

Now your signature will appear on the screen. Go to the signature and now you can easily edit it. You can also add or remove an image or text on your signature. If you are using your Yahoo mail for business use then use a professional image and all the crucial information which can help your business. Some people reported that they are getting Yahoo mail not receiving email issues after editing the signature. Whenever you get any error in sending or receiving the mail then you should immediately check the internet connection. If the connection is weak then you should wait until your internet connection gets stable. Now restart the Yahoo mail and check for sending or receiving mail. In case you are unable to fix the error then you should ask the Yahoo technical team for help.

Changing Yahoo Mail signature from Yahoo mail Website

You can also change the Yahoo mail signature from the web browser. Follow the mentioned steps for changing the signature:

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Search for Yahoo mail
  3. Visit the official Yahoo mail website
  4. Click on sign in
  5. Enter your Yahoo mail address
  6. Enter the password
  7. Click on the Login button
  8. Go to the gear icon of settings
  9. Now right click on the top of the screen
  10. Choose More settings option
  11. Click on the Mailbox option
  12. Select the account 
  13. Click on the text box 

Now you can easily edit the signature. After editing the signature, click on the save button and the signature has been edited on Yahoo mail. You should always keep your signature simple. Do not use strange and bad words on your Yahoo mail signature. People often add too much information on the Yahoo mail signature which is not appreciable. You should add your website address, name, and contact.

Disabling Yahoo mail signature

Yahoo also allows you to disable the signature. If you don’t want to add the signature on the mail then you can simply disable it. You can either disable it or you can also remove it permanently. Here are the steps for disabling Yahoo signature:

  1. Open your web browser and visit Yahoo mail
  2. Click on the sign-in button
  3. Enter Yahoo email
  4. Enter the password click on the Login button
  5. Yahoo dashboard will appear
  6. Go to the settings option
  7. The gear icon will appear on the screen
  8. Navigate to the More settings option and hit the Writing email button

Now go to the signature option and toggle the button to disable. After completing the steps, try sending a mail to ensure that your signature has been disabled or not. If you are facing any kind of issues or if you have any queries regarding yahoo mail then you can easily ask the Yahoo help team for troubleshooting your issues.

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