5 Yoga Poses To Cure Back Pain

Back pain is now a common problem; it is a sensitive spot. There can be many reasons you’re back hurting so much, but one of the most common reasons would be wrong posture and a weak core. You must note the pain and the possible causes to help you fix the lower back pain. Yoga can help relieve the tightness of your back and give you some relief.

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise, which dates back to almost 5000 years. The historians suggest that the Indus Valley Civilization breathed life into yoga. One can see similar yogic asanas in the inscriptions and the coins of that age.

Yoga will offer you relief and provide preventive care for the future. By consistently engaging your body with yoga, you’ll notice your lower back pain ebbing away slowly without any medication or high-cost treatment.

Ever since the global lockdown has started we are confined to our chairs and there is a lack of movement. This has affected our health adversely. While sanitization and frequent cleaning are of top priority right now, we must also take care of health to strengthen our immune system. While practicing yoga make sure you don’t wear your masks as it will disturb your breath cycle.

Here are a few beginner-friendly yoga asanas to help relieve you of the discomfort

1.Cow Pose

Also known as cat pose, this asana does wonders for your lower back and relieves your pain. To perform the exercise:

  1. Sit on your fours. Your hands should be shoulder-distance apart and your knees hip-distance apart.
  2. Now, Inhale. Slowly, exhale. Start arching your back to form a bow. Tuck your tailbone in and gently draw your navel to the spine.
  3. Inhale as you go up, exhale when you come back down. Link your breath to the movement of your spine
  4. Repeat this at least 5-10 times a day

2. Child’s  pose

Child pose helps relieve the stretch on your lower back as well as relaxes your body completely.

To perform the exercise.

  1. Sit on your knees. Keep your knees hip-distance apart and feet together.
  2. Take a deep breath and kneel on your torso.
  3. Lengthen your ribs and your spine
  4. Relax and stay there for a few minutes.

3. Downward facing dog

The downward-facing dog helps to rejuvenate and rests our body. Regular practice of this asana will help relieve back pain and improve your strength. The muscles targeted in this pose are hamstrings, glutes, triceps, and quadriceps. To perform this asana:

  1. Get on your fours and align your hands under your wrists and knees to hips.
  2. Now, pressing your hands, lift your knees.
  3. Bring your bones to the ceiling and slightly bend your knees to lengthen the spine.
  4. Keep knees off the ground and distribute the weight evenly on both sides of your body. Stay in this posture for about a min and then relax.

4. Extended triangle

This yoga asana helps alleviate back pain, neck pain, and stretches your spine, hips. It also helps relieve stress and anxiety. The muscles targeted in this asana are glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. To perform this asana:

  1. Keep your feet a distance apart and balance your weight. Turn your right toe to face forwards and left toes at an angle.
  2. Now, place our arms parallel to the ground and balance in this posture. When you feel comfortable, tilt forward and bring your right hip along with your arm and torso.
  3. Bring your hand to your leg and extend your other arm towards the ceiling.
  4. Hold onto this pose for a minute and do the same for the opposite side.

5.Cobra pose

The cobra pose helps relieve lower back pain and fatigue. It builds the arms and legs. The muscles targeted are the glutes, triceps, and spine. To perform this asana :

  1. Lie down flat on our stomach with your arms at your sides.
  2. Place your forehead on the ground and slowly lift your upper body.
  3. Stay in this posture for a minute and then come back down.
  4. Repeat this pose 4-5 times every day to stretch your backbone.


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