Importance of Economics Tuition

Importance of Economics Tuition with Relevance to Other Tuition Subjects

In Singapore, thousands of students enroll in pre-university programs; these programs consist of 2 years. They are also known as preparatory years for the university. An example of such programs is the GCE A-level Singapore board. A-level H1 Economics is quite challenging for the students, and they increase in difficulty level every year. Furthermore, they require an understanding of concepts rather than memorizing the content. And the questions of this exam system are situation based. A popular subject of A-level in Singapore is Economics. Economics is incredibly difficult for the students, as most of them have not studied this subject before. They have to start the preparation of accounting from scratch. 

Why Does Economics Tuition Hold More Importance?

The question is why economics tuition is more important than tuition for other subjects. However, we do not deny that you will not need tuitions for any other subject, but you should know the most important ones to save time. For this purpose, let us have a look at the reasons:

A better understanding of economics concepts 

The economics teachers at school have a large area of the course to cover for the students. However, practicing sample papers hold equal importance, but they can’t manage the practice session with less time at hand. So, the right economics tutor would ensure that students understand all the essential topics. In addition to that, they carry out the activity of solving sample papers. This activity includes full information on case study and essay type questions to ensure the best results. 

Improved critical thinking and higher-order skills 

The right economics tutor will help you with your critical thinking and higher-order thinking, which is necessary for your economics exam. You usually won’t get these skills from your economics teacher because they are in a hurry to complete the course outline. Even if an economics teacher is good, all the students are not fortunate enough to be taught. For an A-level economics essay type question, evaluation is essential, as your answer is incomplete without it. The evaluation uses higher-order thinking skills. It is a part of the ending, and in some cases, you have to include the evaluation in the essay body as well, depending on the question. 

Interlinked concepts 

In economics, all the concepts are interlinked. As a result, if students don’t understand the chapter’s basics, they will not get the rest of the chapter. Similarly, all the concepts in the chapters are related. One concept becomes the occurrence of another concept. The right economics tutor ensures that students understand all the ideas before it’s too late. However, sometimes the economics teachers lack the skill of relating the economic theories from one another, despite it being an easier way to explain the economic views and policies. An economics tutor knows just the right way to explain all the complicated concepts. Is it evident that if the students don’t understand one theory, they won’t get the whole topic, whereas, if they get one approach, the rest is going to become easier automatically.

JCEconomics by Anthony Fok 

There are a lot of economics tuition in Singapore that guarantee the best results. However, only one is able to fulfill its promise. That economics tuition center is none other than JCEconomics by Anthony Fok. Anthony Fok is a well-experienced economics tutor who knows how to explain economics’ complicated concepts to the students. He uses the method of practical examples; this is proof of his popularity among the students. Mr. Fok is not just a tutor, but he is a mentor and a coach who works tirelessly for the betterment of his students. JCEconomics produce remarkable results every year.

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