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Important Things to know to be an Anonymous Blogger

Anonymous Blogging is one of the most asked topics. Whenever you see an anonymous blog online, you wonder how the “anonymous blogging” works. It’s essentially simple, you post anonymous blogs, and it is just your blog that shines the most not the name behind it. There are many reasons why a person may choose to blog anonymously. One of them is that people are afraid to talk about the topics without being judged for them, another reason could be that your profession does not allow you to talk about the topic, thus becoming an anonymous blogger helps solves the problem and one of the last yet not the least reason is that people want to build their confidence before they reveal their name to the world. 

But the anonymous blogging world is not any easy world to understand. There are so many things you should keep in mind before you start with your journey. In this blog we will help you identify some of the parameters you need to know before you blog anonymously. 

1.Starting  an anonymous blog 

Take out time to set a name and a brand for your blog, choose a niche and stick to it, even though it is an anonymous blog. Your blog name and branding is what your blog will be known for. Some anonymous blogs share their live stories and details but not their identities. This way they are able to add a personal humane touch to the blog yet remain anonymous. Give some spare time to your profile. Write about your profile in a detailed manner. It will be your face in the world. Choose a name that is good and relevant. You can also write a pen-name for your blog. Choose a name that is real sounding and stick to it throughout your journey. 

Get a new email ID for the blog, this will enable you to contact people and sign-up for things using that email ID. Your personal email ID will be safe and sound, thus you will not lose your identity. You can also set up new social media accounts to support your blogs. Create new connections with people (that is, find and connect with new people not your known). 

Taking anonymous blogging to another level, buy Domain Privacy Protection for your blog. This is an extra step in protecting your privacy. 

2.Tips to grow your blog

To keep your blog growing it is important to have feedback from the readers. Add share, like and comment buttons in your blogs. Make sure the buttons are easy to see and use. If the share button requires three or four steps to share, there are chances that the reader will not share the blog. Thus your reach will not be significant. 

Post new content every day, take the feedback provided by your readers, and post the anonymous blogs accordingly. Be consistent with your blogs. We would recommend you post a blog every alternative day. Ask your readers/ followers what they would want to read, Use your social media to host polls and engage with your audience. Make your content relevant to your audience. For example, if your audience is school going students, then write in simple language and use more pointers instead of heavy paragraphs. Similarly, if your audience is a professional group using jargon will be a good option. 

Use catchy headlines and the context of the anonymous blog should be set by reading the headline. The title will determine if a person will read the blog or not. The more action-oriented will be the title, the more clicks you will get. You can also leave a suspense in your title that would make the reader click to find out more. With anonymity, you can actually choose to be bold with your choices and speak about the topics which wouldn’t be an easy topic for all. 

Hope these tips help you to start your own anonymous blog with ease. You can read other blogs on your own site to learn more about anonymous blogging.

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