What Does The Hairstyle Say About Your Character

Short, long, red, blond, curly, straight, gathered in a bun, loose … Hair reflects our inner world, but also instant states. They give us the opportunity to control the attitude of others towards us: to become bright or invisible. So what does our hair communicate about? And how, with the help of everyday styling can you change your mood and therefore your opinion about us?

When evaluating a person by their hair, we tend to pay attention primarily to color. So, brunettes are considered to be smart, blondes are not too smart, redheads are sexy and eccentric. All these are our stereotypes, the expert in Chinese physiognomy Jin Haner is sure. When reading through the hair, you need to pay attention to other indicators.

Hair length determines the amount and speed of internal energy. Long hair gives the owner more strength and feminine energy, but slows down the implementation of plans. Medium- length hair indicates that their owners value logic above all else. They are purposeful and competitive. Short hair brings harsh, masculine energy for quick results. “

If a woman wants to maintain a happy period in her life, it is better to grow her hair. And if he wants to change everything – get a haircut that is what the best hair stylist Los Angeles recommends.

A change of image is necessary for a woman by her nature. We experience several tens of times more feelings than men. And in these feelings we live different roles. If a woman does not change her hair for years, she is afraid of the new for fear of losing the old. Therefore, it is necessary to change the image in order to reveal all facets of the personality. “

Changing your image doesn’t mean shaving your head. To start changes in life, it is enough to experiment with everyday hairstyles. The main thing is not to forget about hair care. First of all, you need to take care of your hair styling products. First and foremost is the hair dryer.

Smoothness of hair gives the effect of ionization. If a conventional hairdryer directs a stream of hot air onto the droplets, evaporating them, the air stream in the ionization hairdryer crushes the water droplets to a size that allows them to be absorbed into the hair.

The universal built-in nozzle concentrator is designed for fast drying of hair and for professional styling. Just press a button and change the mode while drying. It saves a lot of time.

Other advantages are a powerful digital motor that cuts drying time in half, without harm to hair, 3 temperature settings and a cold blower function that allows you to capture a professional styling result.

If you have such a tool in your arsenal, experimenting with hairstyles every day is not scary. Here are two types of styling that can help you change your mood based on the situation.

Curly hair is a sign of creativity. With this styling, you will want novelty, lightness and movement, and you will have the energy for it. If you need to come up with a non-standard project or solution, feel free to use curls. But here it is important not to forget: with such a hairstyle you will be so energetic that you will soon need to be alone with yourself. People with wavy hair naturally need solitude, even if they have a partner.

Hair collected in a tight ponytail at the back of the head speaks of the strength of character and confidence of its owner. If you have to defend a project where you have to prove your case, this installation is for you. “This hairstyle emphasizes the desire to always go forward, without fear of confronting life,” says psychotherapist Gloria Rossi. Also, this styling is suitable if you yourself give up, despair or doubt yourself – it will fill the missing resources.

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