6 Awesome Ideas To Turn A Image Into a video Slideshow

Video slideshows are quite trending as they convey your message more appealingly to your audience. As we know, that video content can get a message across well, and the viewers retain it more even. Thus, the increase in this has been tremendous. But shooting and editing a video is sometimes challenging. Even if you are planning to make a video with only images and text, it takes time and money.

But a video slideshow is not that hard to create, and the quality remains intact. It is easy and quick, especially when you use the right tools like Canva slideshow maker or Pholody. In Canva, you can choose a template and move ahead with your video clips or images and add text and music, and voila, your presentation is ready.

However, you do need to be smart about it to ensure it comes out compelling and doesn’t desiccate the point. Here are some tips for the same.

  1. Know the goal you want to accomplish by picturing the end

How you perceive the result of the slideshow video is one thing that you should keep in mind while making it. When you know how you want the video to come out and where you are going to present the slide and what is the purpose of said slideshow, it becomes easier to create it.

It gives you a layout and shows what things need to go where and how to execute one. For instance, if the video slideshow is for the benefit of explaining a challenging topic to your students, you will make the video more informative with images or clips and keep the text to a limit.

If it is a birthday, you would only add images and short clips with the wishes of everyone. These details also help with the template and layout.

  1. Make sure the images are of high-quality

When making a video slideshow with lots of images, the best tip is to use high-quality images. They need to be HD photos with the highest resolution or at least one which equals the resolution of the video. Moreover, use images that the tool you are using supports. Not every tool supports all kinds of images, and that can be a problem when you are presenting a video slideshow.

Lastly, ensure that the images have some meaning to the content and the message you are trying to convey. Do not put any pictures.

  1. Keep in mind the pace

The pace of the slideshow is something to keep in mind when making a video slideshow. You do not want it run by the audience making it hard for them to grasp the content. Neither do you want it one slide to transition into another too slowly that it bores the audience?

Keep yourself in their shoes and figure out the right pace for switching from one slide to another. The best pace for the transition is between 4 seconds to 10 seconds.

It gives enough time for everyone to see the slideshow video. Also, match the pace of the image with the background music you include. If the pace of the music is high, the slideshow cannot slag behind.

  1. The order of pictures is everything

Making a slideshow with images doesn’t mean that you throw all the images together without any sequence or order. If you do that, it will look unprofessional and messy. For instance, if you are showing the evolution of your products through images in a video slideshow, and it starts with the latest product, how do you expect to get your message across?

Thus, take your time to find an order to everything, sort through them, and make it professional.

  1. The background should be correct

Irrespective of the visuals you are using in the video slideshow, make sure that the background matches the content and your brand. The template that you choose should have colors that your brand follows.

Try to watermark your logo in the background as well and make sure the font size is professional and matches the tempo of the video slideshow.

  1. The text needs to be less

Too much text in a slideshow is never a good idea, especially when using images to convey your message. It will distract the audience from the message and from what you have to say. So, keep it minimal and to-the-point. You can also add quotes if it suits your need.

With these tips, creating a video slideshow using images will be easier and fruitful for you.

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