Bohol Tourist Spots

Top Bohol Tourist Spots


Bohol is synonymous with the Chocolate Hills and the Philippine Tarsier. This popular tourist
destination in Central Visayas is a part of every Philippine itinerary. With its fabulous natural beauty
and laid-back attitude, Bohol attracts a lot of tourists who wish to escape the city life and reconnect
with nature. From its Spanish churches to the waterfalls, beaches, cave pools, scuba diving sites,
rainforests, and rice terraces, there’s a lot to explore in Bohol! Here are some of the best Bohol
tourist spots that you couldn’t afford to miss.

Chocolate Hills of Bohol:

Any list of must-visit Bohol tourist spots is incomplete without mentioning the landmark Chocolate
Hills. The unique geological formation consists of 1,260 cone-shaped hills of different sizes spreading
in an area of 50 square kilometers. The green grass covering the hills turns brown due to high
temperatures in the dry season, and the hills look like chocolate mounds due to which they came to
be known as Chocolate Hills. There are viewing decks both in Carmen Town (Chocolate Hills
Complex) and at Sagbayan Peak that offer a 360-degree view of these spectacular hills. One can just
never get enough of this sight!
Location: Carmen region

Bohol Hanging Bridge:

Also known as Tigbao Hanging Bridge, it is a 40-meter-long bridge suspended 25 meters above the
Sipatan River. Located in a small town called Sevilla, this hanging bridge has become a popular Bohol
tourist spot. Steel railings were added later to strengthen this hanging bridge, which was originally
built using bamboo and rope. While you revel in the thrill of walking on a wobbly hanging bridge
above the emerald river, take in the scenic beauty of the surrounding greenery. There are souvenir
shops on the other side of the river if you wish to buy souvenirs. Come back to the same point as you
started, but this time on the adjacent twin bridge!
Location: Sevilla, Tagbilaran City

Alona Beach:

We all know the Philippines is a beachgoer’s paradise, and Bohol also has its share of beautiful
islands and beaches. Alona Beach, one of the white sand beaches on Panglao Island, is a preferred
destination for scuba-diving and snorkeling. Explore the splendid coral life and get up close with
myriad aquatic creatures. If you wish to spend a quiet evening, walk along the 1.5-kilometer stretch
of sand, enjoying the sea breeze and picturesque sunset views. Alona beach is also known for its
luxurious beachside resorts and hotels, and lively nightlife. This famous tourist spot in Bohol is
situated less than two miles from the Bohol-Panglao international airport.Book flights to Philippines with ieagle and explore

Location: Barangay Tawala, Panglao Island

The Bohol Forest:

One of the most striking Bohol tourist spots is Bohol Forest, a manmade Mahogany forest. The two-
kilometer-long stretch of forest featuring almost parallel rows of trees on either side of the road

starts at the border of Loboc and continues into the border of Bilar town. A scenic drive along this
route fills your soul with peace! The leaves of the curved branches form a green canopy overhead,
and the towering branches stand straight as though they are guarding the road. With no other
vegetation growth in between the Mahogany trees, the protruding roots crawling over the rocks and
the soil are also visible.
Location: Loay Interior Road, Bilar.

Can-umantad Falls:

Falling from a height of 60 feet, Can-umantad Falls is the tallest and perhaps the most beautiful
waterfall in Bohol. Weathered rock formations covered in thick foliage form the background of this
three-tiered waterfall of the Cadapdapan River. The spray and mist (formed as water gushes down
with great force and collects in a large basin below) amplify the ethereal beauty of the falls. You can
also enjoy a refreshing swim in the natural pools!
Location: Brgy. Cadapdapan, Candijay.

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