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Best 5 Homestays in Coorg for all Budgets

A simplistic way of life can lift the minds of every weary soul, just as sweet as cherry wine. Life in Coorg’s shoes is certainly a worthwhile experience, surrounded by hills and surrounded by greenery. And how can we feel the local culture better than to stay with locals in one of Coorg’s best homestays?


Coorg: Eastern Scotland


Coorg does not need to be introduced. The Scotland of India is a popular holiday destination with its verdant valleys, lush green plantations, and rich forests, offering lovely year-round weather with great accommodation and leisure facilities. Coorg, the old summer capital of Britain, has always been an appealing destination for travelers in South India with its beautiful hills, aromatic coffee plantations, lush woods, and diverse wildlife.


The Kodavas, known for their hospitality, lively culture, and rich tradition, are at Coorg or Kodagu. The locals are proud of their history, their natural richness is a different league, their taste for gastronomical delights. Corgis excel in this department, no matter if they’re NGO curries or varieties of wine.


 Here’s a list of Coorg’s best homestays for your next visit. You can also keep it for your frequent visits as each hostess has a different feeling of resorts in Coorg destinations.


1. A stay at a wonderful Coorg coffee farm


This is nothing short of a paradise nestled in a beautiful coffee estate. Wake up while you’re here to the freshness of the mountain breeze. Local spices around you give you life’s happiness and revitalize your senses. At night, under the starry sky, enjoy the chilly weather next to a bonfire. You can also go around a coffee estate and enjoy the scent of flowers and the scent of birds on the green trails in your senses.


The guesthouse, one of Coorg’s best homestay, offers exquisite villas and private rooms surrounded by a coffee estate of 225 acres. Moreover, while you are at the heart of nature, the rooms offer you the most modern amenities and make it one of the finest homes in Coorg.


2. Coorg tea plantation luxury colonial bungalow


One of Coorg’s best homestays was once the home of TATA Coffee’s Director. As a consequence, this historic bungalow combines modern amenities with traditional architecture. It is surrounded by the evergreen coffee estate and palms.


Enjoy a day on the golf course or just tour the property. The chef is ready to serve mouthwatering delicacies to supplement the best of luxury. Luxury lodging with lots of facilities; this stay allows you to take a break from your routine. Get lost in mother nature’s comfort while enjoying the sumptuous amenities.


3. An environmentally friendly home in Coorg

The adrenaline junkies are a perfect getaway. This location offers activities such as walking, camping, elephant interaction, and water rafting. This stay also gives you the chance to enjoy the quiet green surroundings and amenities that give you a pleasant stay. Would you like to see the stars closer? Here you have a telescope. The place makes it a great choice for anyone who wants to look at the star or just discover the universe through the lens.


The farm is an excellent place to watch organic farming in cocoa planting. You can also see their vanilla plantations, which are a rare place for urban residents. In short, the guesthouse offers a possibility to sit and enjoy the cacophony of the city in a natural habitat.


The rooms offer humble services for the most comfortable stay. A cool environment is created by palm trees around the villas. A delicious breakfast can be enjoyed in the lovely garden with views of the mountains. The place will certainly be on the list of best homestays in Coorg with all these amenities and activities.


4. A comfortable home in Coorg – your home away from home

This place offers you the perfect getaway from city life, with beautifully built houses in the middle of a scenic coffee estate. It has spacious rooms with a traditional twist and modern architecture. The interior of the wood gives the room a cozy feel. You also offer private cottages for those looking for a peaceful place to spend their vacation in one of Coorg’s best homes.


The view from the homestay is fascinating with orange trees and pepper gardens around. Organic honey is an interesting activity for observing and understanding the art of apiculture.


5. A traditional farm stay at the foothills of Thadiyandamol


This place’s fantastic view makes it one of Coorg’s best homestays. In the vicinity of the holiday can be found the ancient Nalknad Palace, home of the last kings of the former royalty of the Kodagu region. This estate has a private waterfall spread over 20 acres.


This place is a haven for people seeking a restful time away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. In addition, the rustic wooden interior adds to the site’s charm. It is a perfect place for people seeking a unique life experience with antique artifacts from all over the world. The owners of the property have an ancestral home. And here you can get a taste of history and culture.


Curl up with your favorite book or think about your way to zen. This cozy property gives you all the tranquility you need to relax. Follow a bird-watching hobby as there is a great mix of avifauna in this area. In addition, while you explore this estate and get lost in the beauty of nature, you can also go hiking.

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