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Setup Linksys Extender RE6500 & RE6300 To Extender Mode

This particular article will guide you on how to setup Linksys extender using the smart setup wizard.

Before you go with the Linksys extender setup process for RE6300 and RE6500, make sure you have the below-mentioned things handy with you:

  • Uninterrupted internet connection.

  • Correct SSID and password.

Now, let’s get started with setting up Linksys extender:


Step 1:

Plug in your Linksys RE6500 and RE6300 WiFi range device. Make sure that your devices are receiving continuous power supply during the entire setup process.

Step 2:

Place your Linksys RE6300 and RE6500 range extender midway between your main router and the area without WiFi connectivity.  Make sure you have at least 50 percent WiFi signal from your main router.

Step 3:

Connect the antennas to your Linksys range extender RE6500 and RE6300 and its power adapter to a power outlet.

Note: The antennas must be positioned upright for best WiFi coverage.

Step 4:

Wait for a couple of seconds for the light on the top panel of your Linksys RE6500 and RE6300 range extender to blink orange.

Step 5:

Connect your Linksys device to the main router using an Ethernet cable.

Step 6:

On your computer, laptop or mobile device (any Android or Apple), launch a web browser and enter or the default Linksys extender IP address in the URL bar to access the setup wizard without any hassle.  

Step 7:

Linksys RE6300 Setup or Linksys RE6500 setup screen displays.

Note: It will vary upon the model number you are about to setup.

Step 8:

Select the “As a wireless range extender” option. Once done, click on Next.

Step 9:

Select your WiFi network when prompted. On the off chance if you have a dual-band network, than the WiFi name of both bands will be visible to you. In that case, to rescan the WiFi name, you have to click the Refresh icon.

Step 10:

Enter your WiFi password carefully without typos and then click Next to connect.

Step 11:

You will be prompted to configure your new extended WiFi network. You can also change the names of your Extended Networks and click Next when finished.

Step 12:

Your Linksys RE6500 and RE6300 range extender consists of a Spot Finder technology. This technology will determine if the signal strength between your Linksys RE6500 and RE6300 range extender and your router.  If your Linksys RE6500 or RE6300 extender is placed Too close or Too far, move it to a better location and go back to Step 4. Once done, click on Next.

Step 9:

Secure your Linksys RE6500 or RE6300 devices by creating a unique admin password. Click the Next once you’re done.

Tip: If you don’t have the power in memorizing the password (we all have!), then it is suggested – add a password hint. Also, it is suggested – do not use birthdates, nicknames, or mobile numbers as a password. Choose something unique and strong apart from them.

Congrats! The Linksys RE6500 setup and Linksys RE6300 setup process is successfully completed. To access the Linksys device setup page without hassle, make sure that you are connected to its SSID (network name) only. In the event that you get connected to another SSID, then chances are you might face issues with your Linksys WiFi range extender. So, to fix it, simply ensure that you are using your own extended WiFi network only.

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