Virtual Trade Show Stand Out

Strategies To Make your Virtual Trade Show Stand Out

Trade shows are an important part of any industry. It is an event that is organised to bring particular industry experts under the same roof to showcase their latest product offerings. It has been prevalent for many years and lasts for a couple of days. 

As the time changed and we entered the digital era, technological advancements started taking place. Today, in unforeseen times like these, where no one was aware of the sudden outbreak of a global pandemic, advanced technology trends came as an aid. It prevented many businesses from dipping down in the times of the global health crisis. 

With the impact of COVID-19 restrictions have been imposed on travelling to prevent the transmission. Apart from it, people are pushed to maintain social distancing and avoid large gatherings. The live physical events planned up for the entire year have been cancelled completely. Transforming live in-person events into a virtual format is the only option left with the industry experts. 

Virtual Trade Shows or Virtual Trade Fairs

Nowadays, almost every industry who never thought about hosting online events has shifted its most important events online. The number of increasing virtual events platforms on the internet states it all. Right from organising virtual meetings, virtual conferences to virtual trade shows, virtual exhibitions, and virtual job fairs, a comprehensive virtual event platform serves all. 

Converting in-person trade shows into virtual trade shows or virtual trade fairs is the most difficult one in line. The newness of the event format and technological implications made it look like a daunting task at first. But, once the industry experts became versed with it, hosting virtual trade fairs has become the most powerful tool. The merits served by virtual trade fairs are far beyond the realms of in-person trade fairs. 

Today, the technology is available at an affordable cost and enables you to connect with global delegates seamlessly. It offers opportunities to connect and network in a visually rich virtual environment from respective geographic locations remotely. However, a large percentage of exhibitors experienced that virtual trade shows are quite immersive and generated better leads and revenues. It enabled them to tap the wider segment of the audience ever globally. To ensure a successful virtual trade show, leveraging the right virtual trade show platform & making the right strategies is a must. Go with a platform that offers interactive and engaging solutions that help in enhancing your strategies and make your virtual trade fair stand out. 

Few effective strategies to make virtual trade show stand out

Increase your reach, attendance, participation, engagements, and maximise your ROI by hosting your virtual trade show on a comprehensive virtual trade show platform. Here, we have listed the few strategies that help in upscaling your virtual trade fairs. Let’s get started!

1. Evaluate your goals

To make your virtual trade shows stand out, firstly you need to determine the business goals you want to achieve. A virtual event with defined and set goals top-ups the business charts seamlessly. Before making any planning or strategy define your goals. Keep it in mind your virtual trade show goals are quite different from in-person trade show goals. Once you go live with your virtual event, you will note some benchmarks that help you to know whether your event is successful or has some pitfalls. 

2. Leverage the right technology & book a demo

Leveraging the right virtual trade show platform is a must to make your virtual trade show stand out. Go with the technology that offers interactive, engaging, and customisable solutions. It helps in keeping attendees engaged with the event & enables them to interact freely in a virtual environment remotely. Look for the recognised virtual event service provider and book a demo to know the features offered by the platform. It helps you in gaining an insight into how it will benefit your virtual trade fair and what virtual event experiences it holds.

3. Make a marketing or promotion plan

Marketing and promoting the event is a must whether it’s a virtual event or an in-person event. Creating effective marketing strategies is a must to reach a large audience segment and have amplified attendance and drive better engagements. It does not matter how good your event is, if your attendees are not aware of your upcoming event then it is of no use. Leverage social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to promote and market your event to ensure maximum attendance at the event. Furthermore, you can even market your event via direct mails, public relations, company websites, and so on. Planning out an effective marketing strategy is a must to make your virtual trade fair stand out. 

4. Show an engaging video teaser

Show an engaging video teaser to your potential audience to create awareness about your upcoming virtual trade show. The teaser has a glimpse of how a virtual trade fair works, its features, and gives an idea to attendees of how to navigate throughout the event.

5. Create an engaging content

Whether it’s a live physical event or a virtual event, content is the king. It is one of the most crucial aspects to attract and engage attendees. Create informative, knowledgeable, engaging, and exciting content to keep attendees engaged and offer them valuable pieces of information.

Organising keynote sessions & breakout sessions help in delivering powerful content. You can even opt to pre-record the content to play in real-time.

6. Keep time zone consideration in mind

Virtual trade shows stay live for a couple of days. While finalising the day and time, keep time zone consideration in mind if you target attendees from around the globe. Hosting sessions between 3-4 hours while keeping time zones in mind is quite effective in engaging attendees. It helps in boosting brand visibility and networking. 

7. Gamification

Introduce games such as spin the wheels, quizzes, contests amid your virtual trade shows to keep attendees engaged throughout. You can offer coupons, giveaways, etc. to virtual attendees as a token of appreciation. It makes them feel valued and appreciated, thus connecting them with your events seamlessly. Apart from it, it even helps in building new networks. 

8. Enable real-time networking

Reaching a wide spectrum of the audience is the major agenda of hosting virtual trade fairs on a virtual trade show platform. Virtual trade shows enable exhibitors to connect with a new set of attendees whereas attendees get a chance to explore the latest offerings. Facilitate attendees to interact with virtual booth representatives in real-time via live audio, video & keyboard chats. Organise live 1:1 or group chats, live polling activities, Q&A sessions, etc to enhance networking in real-time.

9. Valuable Data tracking

Virtual trade show platforms come with robust security. It tracks every digital attendee’s footprint right from the start till the event ends. Going with a platform that offers digital footprinting is one of the effective strategies to make your virtual trade show stand out. It enables exhibitors to have a record of the number of shares, downloads, likes, attendance, questions asked, and so on. Each and every move of attendees is tracked that helps in creating detailed analytics reports for performance metrics.

We hope this article will help you to strategize your virtual trade fair seamlessly. Host your virtual trade fairs on a highly secure and reliable virtual trade show platform. Upscale your business growth by implementing the right strategies. It’s time to embrace the virtual world & get started!

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