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Work from any corner of your home with Setek Wi-Fi Extender

Wi-Fi extender is the device that boosts the existing signal from the current Wi-Fi network and creates a second network. When we have to use the Wi-Fi network is with the two devices working continuously and the rest of the house members also using the same network. The Wi-Fi network becomes too slow as there are many devices using the same network, so to bridge the gap of the lagging network, we use a Wi-Fi extender. The extender not only improves the signal of the Wi-Fi but it is a great help in schools, home, small offices. Extenders are also secure to use.

Setek Wi-Fi Extender

Extenders are of great help in places where there is no hotspot available or the connectivity is very low or in such places. Where there is a lot of disturbance created or the disturbance is caused by natural factors by metal appliances or metal things. Where the distance between router and computer is more and we cannot get proper signals. Where there is a lot of traffic of computer or traffic of lots of signals or hubs.

This Wi-Fi extender comes with all the extension features required as a signal booster and also guarantees you to put an end to all the death spots on the coverage area in all 2500 feet and can connect the up to 15 devices. This extender offer comes with 5 connecting modes that can be customized as per the need. It also comes with amazing speed and a nice processor and it is also great performance booster that helps your home and office.


To setup setek extender there are few simple sets of instructions that need to be kept in mind— open the box of your extender device and plug it into the electrical board near your router. Then wait for the extender to turn on. Then via WPS method start doing the setup, on your extender press the WPS button and same with your main router press the WPS button. Wait for some seconds till the LED on the extender is solid green. If the LED on the extender is solid or dark the change the location of the extender near your router, then follow the same steps again. If you still can not connect your extender via the WPS office then try connecting via other devices.

Reset the Extender

Try these bunch of instructions to setup via computer, laptop. Open the Wi-Fi settings and search and connect to setek network. Keep your device connected to the extender during the installation process. When you connect your extender to your device then a management pop-up should appear on your device screen automatically.
If the management page does not come then open any web browser and enter the IP address 192. 168. 10. 1 in the address bar of your web browser.

Then a management page will be seen on your screen and then in the user name and password type admin and then press to continue. The page will take you to the available network page where you can select your personal Wi-Fi connection and enter the security passcode. The extender’s user name will be the same as your router but the current one will be with “-plus “after the name. The password will remain the same as your Wi-Fi device. Then press on the connect button and your extender will be running smoothly.

Setup Extender Via Mobile Device

You can also setup your extender via a mobile device. Open the Wi-Fi settings on your mobile phone and search for the extender network on the available networks and connect to the same. Then make sure that your device is staying connected during the setting up process. Open up your browser and type the IP address or https://ap.setek in the address bar of your browser. Then on the page that will open when you press enter type “admin” as the user name and passcode and click on continue.

Then the search for the available network will begin and the phone will automatically scan for available network nearby. Select your personal wireless WiFi network and enter the password. By default, the network will have the same name as your Wi-Fi router but with a “-plus” after the name.
After some seconds a network will be shown on your mobile device and your Wi-Fi extender is all set to run. You can now take it to any comfortable spot in your home and use it.

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