How to Have A Personalized Website Without Hiring A Programmer

When you have a new project in hand, the same thing happens to you as in real life, it is uncomfortable to see that you are using a WordPress template that many websites use, even your own competition. Have you ever seen yourself in this situation?
If you are also from the club “my website is more repeated on the Internet than a coat from Zara”, but you cannot afford to pay a programmer either, today’s post interests you.
When you buy a WordPress template, you want to be able to customize it without problems. Maintain the essence but at the same time ensure that there is no one similar to yours.
In other words, you want exclusivity at an affordable price. And with this idea our WordPress templates were born. With them as an example I am going to tell you the 4 steps so that your website is different from the rest.

1.- Colors and typography

The first thing you should do is have a clear color palette and fonts to choose from. If you are not clear about this, you will hardly be able to distinguish yourself from others.
If you don’t know very well how to define your image, in this link you will find many tutorials that will help you find your way.

Once you have it clear, in your administration section you can change the fonts to any of Google Fonts, the size of the font and the colors of the entire web or mobile application.

2.- The logo

Now that you have your colors and fonts selected, the next step would be to insert a logo. Having a quality logo and doing it on your own is not an easy task, in this post I explain how you can have a good logo easily and quickly.

3.- The content

When we are commissioned to program a website, we always ask for the content in advance. The same thing happens in the templates. The templates have to adapt to the content and not the other way around.
When you design your website or from logo designers company in UK, you must first have your content written, and in this way insert it in the way that best suits your needs.
Here’s an example of our Moment Feelings template in the demo and after modifying. We have made it a full size website with a subscription box under the main header image. Logo, colors and typography do the rest.

Another support functionality for your content to be well distributed is that you can change the width of your web page.
In the same way, you can also edit the layout of your blog, because your blog is the section of your website where visitors can interact with you and learn a little more about what you do, so you need a lot of personality.

4.- Supporting content

You only have to complement your website with a portfolio or an online store. These are also important pages for getting sales, so we’ve included them in the templates as well .
Your excuses have ended so that you don’t think you’re capable of making a website on your own. In addition, with our templates you get immediate access to our private video tutorial platform where you will learn to create your own WordPress from 0, install the template and customize it to your liking.

Also if you have unsolved doubts, Frede is attentive to the questions that are published in the videos, so you will not have any problem.

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