Step By Step: Learn To Use Brushes In Photoshop

Today I want to talk to you about Photoshop brushes, a basic and very easy-to-use tool that, if applied well, can help you improve your designs.
If you are learning to use Photoshop, it is a tool with which you can play all you want and learn to let go, so let’s get started.
Photoshop brushes are located on the program’s toolbar.
Once you have selected the tool, you can access the menu to adjust the options: the size, the hardness and the tip of the brush.
The size adjusts the diameter of the brush. The bigger it is, the bigger the line or point I draw for you.
The hardness of the brush determines if we want it to be very dense or, on the contrary, to be a little more blurred around the edges.
Regarding the tip of the brush, Photoshop has many basic brushes, but the most common is the round one.
In this photo I show you some examples of different brush harnesses, as well as where the menu is located.

It’s at the tip of the brush that downloadable Photoshop brushes come in.
On the internet we can find many sites where we can download them for free, such as Brusheezy or DevianArt . Here are the ones I used to make this tutorial, so you can practice, click to download.

When you do, you will download a file ending in .abr, which is the extension that all Photoshop brushes have.
Now, let’s get started with the installation! You will see that it is a very simple process and it is the same for Windows and Mac users.
We are going to open Photoshop and create a new document. In my case, 650 × 450 pixels, but you can set it to the size you prefer.

Once inside the Photoshop document, go to the brush tool menu (where I have taught you before).
Once there, go to the brush settings / options and select the option “Load brushes / load brushes”.

A new window will automatically open in which you will have to find where your brush is (remember that, if you haven’t moved it, it usually goes to the “Downloads” folder ). Select it and click “Open”.

All right! You already have your Photoshop brushes pack installed. Let’s use them!
To find it, you know, you have to access the menu of the brush options and search among the different types of brush tips.
They are usually ordered in order of download, so the last ones you have downloaded will be at the bottom of the list.
Select the one you like the most and give it the settings you prefer.

Now we have to select the color that we want the brush to paint.
Photo 7. Photo showing color selection
We already have the brush ready, now we have the most difficult and fun part: designing.
I recommend that you create a new layer each time you use the brush, at least in this case with the watercolors, so if you later see a stain that you don’t like, you can remove it or move it.
We are applying the brush in different areas of the image. As they are watercolor stains, I will do it without dragging the brush, just by clicking on the mouse.
Play with mixing multiple brushes and overlapping them. The result will be more realistic than if all the spots are the same.
If you are more advanced in Photoshop, try to flip the layers, so that the spots have different positions.
Don’t forget to try the blending options for the layers. Above all, I recommend that you give it the “multiply” effect, which will make the colors step on each other, just like real watercolors.
Finally, write a nice phrase with the typeface that you like the most to complete your design or by cheap logo design. Now, you can save it and keep looking for more brushes to create new things.

Have you ever tried Photoshop brushes? There are tons around the net, but use them with care.
As I always say, less is more. If you download any, go ahead and share it! but be careful, because downloading Photoshop brushes … hook!

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