Stunning tips for Solo

Stunning Tips for Solo- traveling to the Middle-East after Umrah

Are you planning for a Family December Umrah? Mostly after performing Umrah or Hajj, families disperse to enjoy their remaining holidays to their already booked destinations. If this time is to the middle east, you and your parents should not worry about you because you are not going to the jungle, there are a lot of modern places in the middle east you should visit. Some basic things are there to consider as they can be a threat to you.

Also, add coronavirus pandemic threat too as compared to the past threats. Some basic knowledge about the places and their traditions would help you to know how you can avoid the threats. In this blog, we are going to tell you the safest places in the Middle-east.

Tips to make out Safe trip to Middle-East:

Grab the first flight to Dubai or the destination you already have chosen to trip to this vacay. By following these simple tips, you can enjoy your trip with a relaxed mind. Chill in the sunny beaches, stunning natural destinations and the archaic remains to make your trip quota complete at least for the next summers or winters. You need to know the top safety tips, there you go.

Middle-East is not Safe – Rumors or Fact?

Not a rumor, but also not a complete fact. There are some regions which are famous that the areas are not safe to travel to. But it is not true for all the middle-east. You have plenty of areas you can travel to with the safety tips provided. Yes, you indeed have to be careful during your middle east experience so you can be back home safe after the successful fun holidays in middle-east.

What are the Major Threats to travel to the Middle East?

There are a few threats you can face on the trip to the middle east. I’m considering the major threats you should consider.

According to the Situation – Avoid the Coronavirus:

As the Coronavirus pandemic reaches every nook of the world, the Arab world has also been affected by the novel virus. You should consider that after getting free, the area you are going to visit is safe or not. And most importantly, how much coronavirus has affected the country, or the region you are traveling. This should be the very first concern. Even if the area is safe, you should be careful and pack all the necessary safeguards from the virus. Pack the mask, the hand sanitizers, and anti-bacterial, anti-virus chemicals to make yourself safe.

Some Areas are famous for being Mugged:

According to this measure, Dubai is considered as the safest place in the middle-east to explore. But that doesn’t mean it is crime-free. You can get scam anywhere in the world. So be aware, keep your eyes open while traveling to the middle east. There is a tip, and that is to explore the main metropolitans of the country or the state. This has a reason.

Mostly the major metropolitans or the capitals of the country has the security enough to secure the foreigners. And you get the most mesmeric, cultural, and archaic building in the old metropolitans. Morocco is not a Middle-eastern country but I have a reason to tell you. I have been mugged by the carpet sellers. You can get the fortune tellers, or the guides to mug you in the middle east.

You have to keep yourself at a distance and trust the people the company would recommend you. Which company? The one whom you booked with.

Don’t trust your Hotel Booking:

It is not about the middle-east, but you cannot trust the hotel booking anywhere in the world. This has happened to many travelers and mentioned many times online and offline by the traveler community. The hotels are not reliable if you don’t take them seriously. You have to double-check the bookings especially if you are going as a solo female traveler. You should check the booking before flying at least because they are responsible to get you from the airport to your hotel room.

Avoid Going out in Nights:

It mostly happens that you go out in the nights in Europe and that is safe. But in most middle-eastern countries, if you are visiting, you should avoid visiting out at night. The phone, wallet grabbers surround the nights because in most countries the cameras don’t work at night and the criminals take the chance of no security and mug the tourists. Don’t go with the local Massagers, they are the pocket pickers. Always trust in the reliable spa centers in the Arabian countries.

Along with all these things, you should take care of the cultural values, language, traditions, and especially the dress code of the country to be welcomed not as a stranger.

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