Best Party Ideas for Baby First birthday

Best Party Ideas for Baby First birthday

Best Party Ideas for Baby First birthday– A child’s first birthday is a special event for the whole family. But fear not. No one expects a lavish party on this day. Especially not the hero of the day. So let’s know the best party ideas.

Best Party Ideas for Baby First birthday

Create memories.

Invite good friends over for the occasion. Your baby will also look forward to a small party. If he does not yet fully understand what is going on, he will be the centre of attention and see radiant faces, which will make him happy. 

Your child’s first birthday lives on the memories you create. For example, make an adorable invitation card or have fun cards printed with photos of your son or daughter. Remember to keep a copy in the photo album.

And do not forget to immortalise these moments of happiness in video or in photos. Later, your child will not remember this first party. Hence the importance of taking lots of photos, even making videos. You can also take the opportunity to make an album or order a photo book.

Less is more!

A small get-together will appeal to your baby more than a big party with many guests. It is also too early to organise a party for him with the children of the nursery or the early learning group to which he is registered. It is best to celebrate this day with the family, with the godfather and the godmother, and to meet again after the baby’s nap, without unnecessarily prolonging the event. It is absolutely necessary to adapt the program to the usual sleep rhythm of your dear blond head. 

The icing on the cake

The moment of singing “happy birthday” in the heart, of blowing out the candle and tasting the cake will be the highlight of the celebration. Because what would a birthday be without a cake worthy of the event? For the first birthday of your child, however, give up a creation that is too sweet with chocolate or covered with sugar icing.

There are excellent recipes for cake without industrial sugar, which babies can perfectly do without the first twelve months. The decoration of the cake can still be colourful and original, without relying on fondant or sugar figures, which are not ideal from a nutritional point of view. Fresh strawberries or raspberries will bring the desired touch of colour and their aroma will delight young taste buds. Famigros has gathered for you different birthday cake recipes .

Of course, it is not forbidden to have a sugar “1” enthroned on the cake when taking the picture, just to be able to take some memorable shots. Your child does not need to eat it afterwards.

The right decoration

No theme is necessary for a first birthday. A simple, toddler-friendly decoration with garlands and balloons will do just fine. Babies love balloons, but can be scared when they burst. Also make sure not to leave any fragment of a burst balloon lying around, due to the risk of ingestion.

Colourful party hats are also a welcome idea: baby will certainly have fun seeing them on the heads of guests.

What gifts for a first birthday?

Make sure this first party is laid back. Your child can sense your nervousness, which confuses them and can make them cranky. Try not to have too high expectations. Your baby may be indifferent or even cry. These are natural reactions.

Unwrapping the gifts received for her first birthday is not the most important thing – for your child anyway. He may even be more interested in the packaging box than its contents. Remember: the more gifts he receives, the faster he will be overwhelmed by events. You can also choose everyday items like an adorable bathrobe or fun plastic tableware. 

Make this first anniversary a family tradition

Children love rituals. It is up to you to think, from the first birthday, on the family traditions you want to establish. Over the years, the child knows precisely what will happen on his birthday and is happy about it. Here are some ideas:

  • Turn the child’s chair into a colourful throne
  • Wake him up on his birthday morning with a special song and be caterpillar all over the apartment
  • DIY or buy a chain and add a new charm to it every year  
  •  Light the same candle every year

For a certain effect in a few years: take a group photo with all the guests, each year in the same place.  

The 2nd birthday: should we plan the first real celebration?

A year later, you will be able to plan a slightly bigger event. Your 24 month old will probably be ready for their first “real” little party. Perhaps he will already wish to invite his first friends? In a restricted setting and in the presence of their parents, it is already possible, at this age, to provide some very simple games or creative activities such as finger painting, a Memory or a puppet theatre. The first theme party is also possible: how about declining p. ex. the pretty polka dot theme? Here you will find great DIY tips, game ideas for the ages of children and delicious recipes.


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