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How to Wear a White Polo T-shirt on any Occasions

The polo t-shirt is a man’s style staple. It has been one of the inevitable members of men’s wardrobe for years. Though this piece of garment is ubiquitous in a male’s wardrobe, it doesn’t come off a garment that gains much attention or enthusiasm. This dress is reserved only to wear before running out the doors to run errands or it is just thought that way. Men’s polo t-shirt offers a great platform for various fashion opportunities that you can flaunt on various occasions throughout the year. This is perfect for the summer holiday, a game of golf, a get-together with family, or a formal event. Let us see some fashion looks that you can make with this versatile piece of clothing.

The fun brunch over the weekend

For great laid-back brunch, polo t-shirts are the instant favorites. Go for a bright-colored polo such as turquoise or pink and pair it with knee-length shorts that are in a lighter shade. For bright colored t-shirts, slate grey or sand-colored bottoms will work like a wonder. You can pull off this look effortlessly and need not worry about the ensemble being cohesive. To add edginess to the ensemble, hop into a pair of slip-on loafers that match the bright color of the polo t-shirt. Or you can also try boat shoes which bring in a slightly formal look.

The summer casual look

Polo t-shirts for men are the go-to for summer to escape the heat. To put together this ensemble, first, you have to select some light-colored t-shirt and pair it with a pant. The trousers have to be of light material and fit well with your polo t-shirt. The chinos and linen trousers can be the best choice to pair it with your t-shirt. This look can be achieved easily by paying attention to detail. A brown belt, casual watch, and sunglasses can elevate the overall outcome of the look. The last addition to the look is a pair of loafers. This look is perfect for going out with friends or a casual meeting in the office.

Friday out 

Most of the offices have a policy called casual Friday where you can just chuck the formal shirt and tie and get into your comfortable and favorite Men’s Polo T-Shirt. There is nothing a polo t-shirt that can blend formal and casual in a single piece of garment. You can pair it with formal trousers that maintain the balance between the casual and formal style of the dress. This will be a comfortable outfit to work in the office without knowing that the day has gone. This outfit works well when paired with some formal shoes. You can also wear this combination for lunch with some clients.

Get ready for the event

Polo t-shirts can also be worn as an undershirt with a suit. Take a dark-colored t-shirt like black or navy blue and throw on a casual suit of the same shade over and you are ready for an event within minutes. Do you know what notches up the look? It is a pair of loafers. Get the detail right with a belt and a watch. If you are going for a blazer make sure that you don’t pull your collar out and lay it over the blazer lapel as it will make you look like you are out of fashion sense.

Layered look for the winters

The layered look with a men’s polo t-shirt has to be handled carefully because if not done right, the look can totally fail you. Choose a polo t-shirt that is of light color and pair it with a cardigan that is of contrasting colors. The edginess of the outfit can be multiplied by the right bottom that is dark denim. This can be work to meet families after a long time or for travel. Complete this look with a pair of loafers. If you want to wear socks go for no show socks.

Do’s and don’ts of polo t-shirt

The polo t-shirt can’t be worn just like that, you have to keep in mind a few points

  • Never tuck the t-shirt into the trousers unless you are going to pair it with a blazer or jacket.
  • Don’t wear a baggy and loose polo t-shirt when you are going out.ge the best-branded polo that is well-cut and flatters your physique.
  • Prints and patterns can add that wow factor to the polo t-shirt outfit. Next time you are purchasing a polo t-shirt embrace floral patterns, geometric patterns, or color blocks.

Bottom line

Now that you are surprised by how a polo t-shirt can be dressed, stock your wardrobe with the best by purchasing branded polo t-shirts online.

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