10 Steps you should follow for your engagement ring care

Did he finally propose! It’s the sweetest thing ever to feel in your entire life. You got a precious gem on your finger, and it matters a lot. But remember you need to take good care of it. That way, you can increase the lifespan of your engagement ring. Besides, it’s among the prized possessions that are worth your full protections. So, it won’t be lousy seeking engagement ring insurance in addition to the routine care.

Steps to follow for good care of your engagement ring.

engagaemnt ring


1. Take your ring for a professional check twice a year

No doubt about it. Everyday wear will make the ring prongs to bend or loosen. You need to prevent the valuable stones from accidental fall out by keeping prongs secure to hold the diamond. The best way to do it is by having a professional check your ring. But since worse may happen with your jewel, get engagement ring insurance to cover any loss.

2. After every few years, give your precious metal setting a refresh.

For sure, you will want your precious ring to remain shining. That’s why you gotta follow the instructions about its care to make sure it retains that fantastic shape. But it won’t last that way forever. All metals tarnish with time due to moisture and oxygen that come into contact with your ring.

If your ring is yellow gold, or platinum, you can give it a new lease on life through polishing. That way, it will retain a smooth surface and shine. But it will be essential to get engagement ring insurance since that polish can worsen over time. With insurance, you may acquire replacement easily.

3. Cleaning your engagement ring at least four times within a year can help.

You use some products like soap and oil that can get lodged into your valuable diamond. Even other dirt can get attached to the gems. Ensure to do regular cleaning. If not, your engagement ring will look dull rather than brilliant. Just maintain your diamond shining by frequent cleaning. Also, to be on the more reliable side and minimize the loss that may occur from cleaning damages, you can get engagement ring insurance for your jewel.

4. Never resize your ring more than once

You may have received that engagement ring when you were no that grown. As life goes on, you and during pregnancy, your hands swell and change in size. That may require resizing your ring. Don’t resize your ring with more than one. You can store it in a safe place up to the time it will fit you. Remember resizing can result in complete damage. That makes ring insurance vital to reduce any unexpected loss.

5. Wear off your ring during heavy hand activities

You will never avoid using your hands for compulsory activities. The best way to protect your ring during those moments is by taking it off. That way, there will be less tear and wear, which will make your ring last longer. Even if you will take it off, ring insurance is vital to cover any accidental damage.

6. When you are not wearing, store your ring in a safe place.

Maybe you are going for a shower or doing those heavy tasks that require you to take off your ring. Keep it in a safe place. You can place your precious diamond in a case or compartments where it won’t come into contact with something to cause cracks.

7. Avoid swimming in your ring.

Gems are sensitive to chemicals. Swimming pools are full of chlorine that may affect your engagement ring. When going swimming, take off your ring and keep it in a safe place. But since you may forget and swim with it, get engagement insurance to cater for damages resulting from such accidental damages. 

8. Get engagement ring insurance.

 It may appear funny, but it’s care by itself. Your engagement ring can be damaged accidentally or even stolen. Your insurer can compensate you and reduce the much loss you could have incurred.

9. Always check the weather.

Hiking in the Alps or running to the grocery store during a snowstorm make your fingers smaller. When that happens, your engagement ring may slide off. Being careful can save that situation.

10. Consider engagement ring backup.

This is an alternative ring that can help maintain that sentiment value in case of any loss. But the best option is engagement ring insurance for replacing or minimizing the cost of loss.


That precious jewel on your finger needs proper care. Ensure to take it off during heavy hand activities. You can take it for a checkup to the nearest expert. But on top of all that care, you need engagement ring insurance. That can minimize accidental ring loss or damage. May even get a replacement.

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