What are the Reasons for Adopting a Senior Cat rather than a Kitten

Reasons for Adopting a Senior Cat rather than a Kitten

Firstly, adopting a senior cat is much easier than adopting a kitten because of many reasons. Secondly, if you are a working person, then the older cat is more suitable for you than kittens because kitten requires more attention and care that you can’t provide in your busy schedule. Lastly, you will know about the pros of having a senior cat and the cons of adopting the kitten, so stay tuned.

Reasons for Adopting a Senior Cat

You should know following reasons to adopt a senior cat:
  • If you are a busy working individual, you should adopt the senior cat because it doesn’t need much care as she can take care of herself up to a great extent.
  • Moreover, older cats can easily adjust to the new environment because they are mostly calm.
  • You don’t need any particular vaccination for older because they are already vaccinated.
  • Senior cats are friendlier with children as compared to kittens, so it’s better to adopt them.
  • Older cats don’t need any special litter box training because they are trained in doing so.
  • If we talk about cat food, then senior cats can feed themselves while you need to feed kittens that could be tough.
  • Finally, the big plus of older cats is that they can catch mice because the smarter mice these days know about all types of traps, so that the senior cat could be a better choice.

Questions you should ask yourself before adopting a Kitten

Before adopting a kitten, you should ask these question yourself to make a perfect decision:
  • Do you have enough time for your kitten training? Because using a litter box is hard for a kitten, so you need to train them.
  • Is there anything dangerous in your home? Because in the day time, when you will be on your job, make sure your kitten is safe from harmful things.
  • Do you have toddlers or young kids in your home? Because they can harm the kittens unknowingly, so you need to educate your babies at home.
  • A kitten needs to do proper vaccination to avoid any health issues in the future if you are adopting a kitten.
  • Do you have senior pets at your home other than kittens? Because you need to introduce the new family members to older pets so that they can live happily.

The Plight of the Senior Cat

  Perhaps the saddest thing you’ll find in Animal Shelters is that more people are looking for kittens than senior cats. Numerous individuals care more about kittens than senior felines because kittens are more adorable, cuddly, and attractive. But when the kittens grow up, their liveliness starts vanishing. Meanwhile, the love of cat owners starts decreasing for older cats. Someone said that a person who prefers older cats over kittens is a real cat lover.

The Joy of Owing a Senior Cat

A cat jumped out of the cage and got me around the shoulders. My stun immediately transformed into awe. My idea was, “This feline unquestionably knows great habits because he hadn’t sunk his hooks into me!. Someone has worked with him.” I saw on the cage ticket. It read, “Morgan, male, age 14.” Age 14? I wavered. Then I started to look at other cats available in the shelter home after putting Morgan back into the cage. There were numerous pleasant young cats and kittens. In any case, my psyche propped up back to Morgan, and I understood that truth be told, I had reinforced with him. Fourteen years regardless, we had become best friends. Before, my old cat name was “Morgan”, but I changed her name to “Tab” because she had tabby marks on her body. Furthermore, Tab and I learned to respect each other’s, and she loves to sit in my lap. One day, I found a dead rat with a neck bitten almost in half in my living room. Although the rat size was so big, my Tab wrestled him down and killed it. Sadly, she died at the age of 19 after living for five more years with me. She was my buddy during my unemployment days as she provided me with plenty of love and comfort.


  Finally, concluding this debate, I would like to recommend you to adopt a senior cat instead of a kitten if you are a busy working individual. Moreover, if you have plenty of time and love to mingle with kittens, then you can adopt a kitten.

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