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Where Can You Buy Premium Dog Beds This Diwali?

Premium dog beds are a must come the colder months in Northern India. And, what better time than to find the perfect Indian dog beds online through Hiputee while making use of the DIWALI10 discount code?

Being able to gift those you love something special this Diwali will be more meaningful than ever with worldwide events. And, this shouldn’t stop at our furry friends. 

Diwali offers across the board make it easier than ever to buy dog beds for your pooch. With Indian dog beds online offering the most important aspects to four-legged pet life, there’s simply no excuse. That’s why we’re here to bring you all the places you can buy premium quality and luxurious cosy corners for your fluffy family member. 

  1. Find Comfort at The Pet Care

The most important reason for finding new Indian dog beds online would be to increase your pooch’s level of comfort in the home. And, this is for many reasons, too. For example, your dog needs to have their own space they are able to escape to. Just like we have our bedrooms. They also need to have a specific shape of bed in order to reduce anxiety and allow them to feel hugged. Then, there’s providing the right level of comfort through orthopaedic use of foam throughout the dog bed. 

So, using the Diwali offers you’ll find online can be the first stepping-stone to gifting your dog with love and appreciation through comfort. And, a place where you can find this comfort is when you buy dog beds through trusted communities such as The Pet Care. You’ll be able to explore so many avenues of Hiputee comfort with the added bonus of being community approved for your pooch.

  1. Find Luxury at Hiputee

Here at Hiputee, we understand that finding the right dog bed has so much more to consider. For example; the fabric. Aside from having all the colours to suit your home décor, the Hiputee family want to help you pamper your pup even when you’re out and about. 

That’s why we use luxury velvet and super-soft vegetarian materials to make the perfect foam dog beds of all shapes and sizes. There’s even dual texture for the kind of luxury that doesn’t have to faulter no matter the weather; velvet for warmth and non-toxic leather for a cooling sensation.

In order to make the most out of this luxury, we’ve got the ultimate Diwali offers you can share with friends and family to allow everyone the enjoyment of luxurious gift giving this holiday. Just use code DIWALI10 at the checkout for 10% off everything.

  1. Find Style at Desert Cart

Desert Cart is the hub for all things style, home and accessory related. Including; the best Indian dog beds online can buy. 

An interesting and fun fact is that dogs can only see blues and yellows on top of blacks, greys and whites as they have dichromatic vision. This means they’ll respond best to objects that are these colours. Meaning, the oh-so-stylish golden faux fur bed for dogs could be the best present when you buy dog beds through Desert Cart. While you’re there, don’t forget to look out for the premium selection of Hiputee Indian dog beds online at the store!

  1. Find Price at FlipKart

One of the biggest speedbumps to premium Indian dog beds online can be price. But, when this is on your mind, you can head to online stores such as FlipKart who provide access to luxury brands such as Hiputee with fantastic deals. Their Diwali offers include the bean bag covers, reversible beds, super soft velvet rounds and many more perfect presents for your household pooch. So, when you’re looking to buy dog beds that are the luxurious, the comfortable and the stylish designs, you can.

  1. Find Essentials at Amazon

Amazon is the ultimate platform for all things dog and all buys everything-else, too. So, it makes sense that the online store offers their Amazon Basics range that pair perfectly with the Indian dog beds online at Hiputee. For example; using their pet bed bolster with the Hiputee Holland Sofa. All of which are essential parts to ensuring your dog ages gracefully and stays your best friend for as many years as possible through premium comfort and care.

You can also have a look at the dedicated Amazon Hiputee page where you can buy dog beds offering the basic need of your pup and more. With peds that are reversible, dual textured, vegetarian, washable, water resistant, durable, foamed and more.

Of course, we might have been slightly biased in this article. But, this is because we dedicate our brand to being able to offer your pup the most comfortable, stylish, house friendly and affordable premium options when you buy dog beds. 

And, that’s why we’re bringing you the special offer to bring light out of the darkness in this special 2020 Diwali event. Simply head to the Hiputee website add anything and everything you’d like to your cart and insert the code DIWALI10 at the check-out. Then, you can enjoy 10% off the total. It is our Diwali gift to you, so you can gift to those you love.

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