4 Pro’s and Con’s Of Wearing a Waist Trainer

Waist trainer was first introduced in the 16th century by the wife of King Henry II of France. She banned thick waists at court hence forcing females to make their waists slimmer.  Waist trainers are now in vogue thanks to Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Khloe Kardashian, to name a few. Celebrities swear by this method to get back into ‘hourglass’ shape after giving birth. While this method does help you get that ‘hourglass’ figure, but like a coin has two sides, waist trainers also have their pros and cons.

Let’s read more and find if the pros outweigh the Con or if it’s the other way around.


1. Hourglass figure

Waist trainer provides constant constriction to your waist, and you’ll achieve an hourglass shape in a few weeks. The waist trainer ‘cinches’ your waist and accentuates your curves along the bust and the hipline. For those who consider the hourglass figure to be the most proportioned and flattering, corsets are perfect for you. A simple fix could be to wear a waist trainer under your dress and voila you have the perfect hourglass shape!

2. Improves Posture

Corsets compel the user to maintain posture while sitting or standing if you’re at a desk or just standing, corsets force you to stand straight hence preventing slouching. Want less slouching, give waist trainers a try. The metal bones in the waist trainers make it impossible to slouch. Women using them often feel more confident because of this.

3. Weight loss

Of course, using only waist trainers will not help in weight loss. But using corsets, you won’t lick everything off the plate. Corsets help you not overeat your food. Initially, if you were consuming a full plate of food, then you might be able to do the same because of corsets. This doesn’t melt away all the fat, but incorporating exercise with this would be a winner. They do not burn any fat, only restrict the amount of food that you eat.

4. Bustline support

Corsets can act as the best push up bra you’ll find in the market. It also provides support to the back if you have a large bust hence reducing back pain. The corset offers excellent support and fits like a second skin.

Compelling right? Before you form your opinion on waist trainers let’s look at the dark side of corsets. Every coin has two sides, hence before beginning an idea about corsets it’s essential to have a look at the cons as well. Remember, wear a corset only if you want to, there’s no point injuring yourself to get the perfect hourglass figure.


1. Feeling discomfort

Wearing corsets might cause you injury if not worn properly. Corsets are garments tightly tied to our waist so it might be a bit uncomfortable to wear. It is recommended you go easy on yourself. Beware of bruising, shallow breathing, and any discomfort. If you are beginning to experience any of this you’re tightening your waist trainer too much. Loosen it a bit, relax, and If you don’t feel like using one. Don’t.

2. Acid Reflux

The area around our waist is a complex network of intestines, stomachs, glands, and other complex systems. When you’re wearing a waist trainer you’re adding pressure on your organs. Especially while eating, this can cause acid reflux, so it is recommended you avoid wearing corsets while eating or wear it loosely if you want to.

3. Breathing troubles

Waist trainers add pressure to your organs hence dampening the supply of blood, oxygen so one may feel breathing troubles while wearing a waist trainer.  Wearing a waist trainer too tight can and will constrict the diaphragm too tight.  This results in reduced breathing capacity and shallow breaths. So ensure you’re able to breathe properly even when you’re wearing a waist trainer. Lack of oxygen may cause dizziness, fainting, and other health hazards.

4. Bones reshaped

Waist trainers reshape your bones if worn continuously. Corsets put too much pressure on your waists, and it can hamper your body structure. Ensure you’re comfortable wearing a corset and do not wear it for a continuous period to avoid getting injured.

Now that you’re aware of the dark side as well, it’s up to you to wear one. If you feel comfortable in your shape and size, don’t tell the world how to look perfect. Remember we’re all perfect in our imperfect ways.

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