How to Implement an Effective Customer Retention Strategy in Ecommerce Sites

Customer retention is a troublesome task for e-commerce sites that requires a good customer experience on your website. The goal is to make use of existing customer base with new opportunity to boost sales. Retaining a customer to make further purchases is up to five times cheaper than acquiring a new one.

Your e-commerce site must have a solid strategy to get these benefits of nurturing customers.

Here we have discussed different strategies that can be used to create an efficient solution for customer retention.

  • Use Emails to Send Promotional Offers

The email address in your database is a valuable asset to target customers. Use it to send promotional offers and coupons. The cost is most of the times already covered with the earlier purchase these customers have made.

Try to make the offer sound exclusive to the customers. Add expiration date with the discount coupons to increase the chances of its use. It has been observed in many surveys that as many as 75% of customers use their coupons within a week.

  • Send Promotional SMS

You can ask customers to opt-in for SMS offers when they sign up on the website. Many e-commerce sites use it without their approval. It is an incredibility effective direct marketing tool.

Make an investment in the SMS marketing campaign with the right set of tools. While emails have a high chance of ending in the junk folder directly, customers are sure to see SMS in the notifications.

  • Offer Discounts to Loyal Customers

Customer loyalty program is a great option to attract loyal customers with reward programs. You offer customers special discounts, cashback, and many other perks for existing customers. Reward tier is a majorly used system by brands and online stores to make customers spend more.

Start with sending an email invitation to your new loyalty program. You might have to offer a special sign up discount as well to make the users spread the word for you.

  • Invest in Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most effective platforms to engage with new and existing customers. Your content makes users remember your brand after making a purchase. The right campaign can lead to more and more customers to follow and share your posts.

Craft specialised content for each social media platform. Also, share new developments, news, and product launch on the pages to create a more engaging culture. Apply for very bad credit loans with no guarantor from a direct lender to increase your budget for social media marketing.

  • Introduce Referral Rewards

One way of rewarding your existing customers while acquiring new ones is introducing referral reward. It has provided an exponential increase in customers who sign up for rewards and eventually make a purchase. With a little discount or cashback, you are making the customers do the hard work of acquisition.

Referral systems are less expensive than other promotional strategies. With the right implementation, you are sure to get some excellent leads.

  • Improve Digital Marketing Strategies

E-commerce sites generate significant leads from their digital marketing campaign, which makes it a critical aspect of any customer retention strategy. Invest time and resources to optimise every channel on digital media.

Optimising will ensure the content reaches to the targeted audience. You can use mobile-friendly content and post it at the right time to increase the efficiency of the campaign.

  • Enhance Customer Service

Customers will come back with more orders only if the customer experience and service are top-notch. Thus, it should be your primary goal to create value for the existing customers. Try to improve the experience with site upgrades.

Your improvement strategy should revolve around providing a unique customer experience. These account updates will encourage your existing users to make more purchase.

  • Use Personalised Offers

Personalised emails and promotional offers make the marketing campaign more effective. It helps customers feel more valued and creates a long-lasting relationship. The click rates increase up to 8 times when customer name and personal information is used in the mail.

  • Use Technology to Connect with the Existing Customers

Automation and AI assistance are amazing technologies to enhance customer interaction. With the use of AI chatbots, you provide human-like assistance to the customers 24*7. Once installed, it is way cheaper than hiring a fulltime workforce to answer small queries.

You can use the task automation to ensure delivery of every content on time. Automation also facilitates the workflow and different activities involved in e-commerce sites. The users can make orders quick with faster processing.

  • Offer Insights to the Customers

You can increase brand loyalty by delivering insightful and informative content. Social media sites are a great platform to provide users with the information they want. Use this content to increase the knowledge of users about the potential use of the products.

Many brands are not able to use social media effectively because of the clutter they post. Use surveys and feedback from the customers themselves to cater to more relevant content.

  • Highlight Your Corporate Responsibilities

Brand loyalty is built upon user’s trust and credibility of the brand. You can use the corporate responsibilities to make customers believe in your positive intent. All you have to do is return a little portion of your income for the welfare of the community.

Highlight it in your marketing campaign to create a positive impact on the users. Update the policies in your organisation to promote a healthy and environmentally-friendly work environment. These days, sustainability reports are used by investors and clients for making financial decisions.

To conclude, your brand needs a customer retention strategy to boost sales and create a loyal user base. Your investment in customer nurturing may return more profit than the same investment in customer acquisition. Do not expect result immediately, since customer retention is a long-term goal.

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