Rebuild engine vs New Engine

Rebuild engine vs New Engine


Auto Techio better than a rebuild. Fully remanufactured to Auto Techio specs with an Auto Techno warranty, Let’s just say there is no compression. All as know new engine is a totally new engine, but the remanufactured engine is not new but it works like new its performed well. It will take the needle and take the needle on a gauge and go all the way up to 500 provided the valves not leaking but if air keeps coming in through it the needle will fluctuate and it won’t make it to 500 real simples.

Come on over here and we’ll show you. Okay, here we are. Here’s the cylinder head. Like I told you beautiful pair of nd heads, all the bells, and whistles. We got my old vacuum tester. 

Vacuum gauge.

This here is a block off plate where we’re gonna put this over the port it has a hole that goes through the tube goes up to the vacuum gauge. When this seals off on the port, you’ll see this needle will start as it sucks to vacuum down and everything is sealed, and it’s like that it’ll vacuum seal the port, the needle will come down around here, and come all the way down to the 500. When plugging this in, you’re going to see this needle fluctuating all over the place while this is off, and as soon as it’s plugged uptight, it’s going to come all the way around to the 500,

Learning experience

The object is for it to get to the point that the needle is as close to the 500 as possible and steady. If it’s fluctuating, it’s sucking air that’s not difficult to understand. Real simple plug this in now. It’s really loud trying to talk above it, but whether you can hear me or not as you will be able to watch me put it over the port and wash the needle, and going to save my magic marker right here.

Pass and fail.

And going to check off the ones that pass and fail. I’ve already done this I’ve done the other side, I’m going to show you this side because it’s kind of redundant just to go over the whole thing, you get the gist of it and you’re going to see what talking about right here. I have thousands. Don’t pass on this side, and I got one valve on this side that doesn’t pass I haven’t checked the other head yet, but I did as I said for the purpose of a learning experience. I want you guys to see what I see every day of my career. Because when put a finger over the hole. See it goes right up to 500. This is over the course. 

Good quality cost good money

Over 500 Uber 500. No fluctuation. This was a little over 300 leaking a lot of brand new out of the box over 500.  Okay, so I just showed you that a brand new pair of heads out of the box, are not 100%, which is really sad because believe me,110% money for these things. I got over 200 hours in shipping these things as well. So if they charged me shipping, and they charged handling. So, it is pricey stuff and I’m not complaining about that because good quality costs good money, and I’m not complaining about that, but just goes to show you that just because you pay a lot of money for something doesn’t make it always right. And everybody in the country including myself, all have mistakes from time to time. Please don’t think I’m trashing indie over this.

Engine is bouncing

The purpose of this whole blog here is to explain to you that you can’t take things out of the box and bolted together and expect it to run right. could not begin to count the amount of times that have been down the track or sitting and looking at someone street rod that they just put together, and their engine is bouncing all over the place. And you’re telling me it’s a big camshaft motor with a big camshaft that’s hidden smoothly.  Here. That’s how it’s supposed to be. When your engine shaking because you’ve got issues, something, something from a tune or something from a balancing.  And when you’re taking parts out of the box and putting together willy nilly mechanism.

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