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5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Doing Yoga at a Yoga School

The very word Yoga stands for the unity of mind, body, and soul which means it is much more than just physical practice. You not just perfect the various asanas but also learn the philosophy behind the practice of yoga asanas including their importance in your everyday life.

Gone are the days of Gurukul where disciples went to learn the practical and spiritual aspects of this sacred art. The yoga school of the modern-day age is mostly based on just the practical aspect of yoga and this is exactly what you need to avoid.

Yoga Schools – A Haven for Yoga Practitioners

Yoga schools have multiplied within the last few years and located in every major city, not to forget located in some of the most breathtaking locations around the world. If you are a beginner at yoga then there are some mistakes you should avoid making at all costs.

The Five Sins of Yoga Practice

Given below are the five mistakes you should avoid while practicing any types of yoga.

1. Holding Your Breath

Understand that breathing is the most important element of every yoga practice. You reap the full benefits of yoga practice only by using the right breathing technique. If you suffer from cardiac problems then trying to stop your breath is a recipe for disaster. Do not hold your breath during any yoga practice even if you have no prior health issues.

2. Forgetting to Relax

A common mistake you might commit when practicing yoga styles like vinyasa yoga poses is not relaxing your body and mind. You should never try to fit your body to a particular pose but fit the pose accordingly to your body. Yoga is a regular practice to stay fit and not a destination you have to reach within a time limit.

3. Doing Yoga Just Like Another Workout

A mistake you might commit as a beginner is doing yoga just like another workout. Yoga is a way of being rather than a workout. It is not just another fitness craze of getting a sweaty physical workout but a deeper and ancient system of healing your body and mind.

4. Overdoing It

Another mistake you might make while practicing at yoga school is pushing your body beyond what is comfortable, which only increases the risk of a serious injury. You must pay attention to how your body responds while practicing a particular yoga pose and respect its limit.

5. Understand the Yoga

The biggest mistake you can make while practicing a specific yoga pose is not to understand the philosophy behind it. You need to have the right assessment and preparation of your mind and body before attempting any yoga style.


The regular practice of yoga requires complete knowledge about the philosophy and reason behind each yoga pose. A yoga school offers you this opportunity by learning under the guidance of experienced teachers. However, you should ensure not to repeat the five mistakes mentioned above to reap the full benefits.

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