8 Dos And Don’ts When Travelling With A Roof Rack

After months of lockdown and restrictions, people have started to travel. Nearby picnic spots, weekend getaways are the first choice for many. For safety concerns, people are selecting locations that are not crowded, and the typical tourist vibes are not present. It implies you carry all sorts of things right from clothes, food items, bikes, skates, etc. So, a roof rack could be the best solution for packing the extra luggage. Below we list out the safety and usage tips while travelling with a roof rack.


Check the installation guide:

Those buying new roof racks should read the user manual before beginning to install it. Though it might appear simple, knowing the steps makes the process quicker and easier. Moreover, you should not be damaging the car, which is much costlier. The roof rack should not be overly tight or loose. A well-fitted one doesn’t cause any trouble for years. Thus, it is one time, and you could also seek professional help if required. 



Oil regularly:

The roof rack gets maximum exposure to weather elements. Though we have corrosion-resistant material, it is advisable to lubricate the bolts. It becomes easy to adjust them. Also, you could consider removing the racks if you do not require them. It not only prevents wear and tear of the material but decreases the pressure on tires and fuel consumption. 


Secure with cords and ropes:

At times you may carry huge things like bikes, kayaks, etc., on top of your car. There are chances that these things fall due to high speed, wind, or some obstruction. Thus, it becomes essential that you tie your luggage so that they do not move much. A variety of materials for securing the luggage are available such as ratchet or cam straps, bungee cords, rope, etc. With straps, one need not tie knots. You could use a net to cover all things once things under place. Now we also have a water-proof tarp to cover the luggage. It acts as a preventive layer and stops debris deposition.   


Consider the luggage height:

At times you have to pass through tunnels, enclosed bridges, or the parking lot. In these places, the height of the structure may be less than that of the roof luggage. Nobody would like to stop and unload in the middle of a journey. Therefore, it is necessary to plan while packing things on the car roof. 



Do not overload:

All of us want to feel comfortable during a road trip. The main reason for installing a roof rack is to have enough legroom inside the car. At the same time, loading everything on top is not a wise thing. You could consider the carrying capacities of the vehicle and the roof rack. Also, one needs to balance the weight at the top. Otherwise, the car might sway to a side and thus is more prone to accidents. It does not mean that you have to keep only light-weighted items on the roof. The luggage there has to withstand wind and car speed.


Do not load and unload alone:

It is advisable to choose a roof rack that is easy to handle. You could buy those that have integral-fitted roles. Still, you might mostly keep one luggage or two, which has more weight. By lifting it alone, you might tire or even hurt yourself. It could turn to be a spoilsport. Also, the vehicle or your equipment could get damaged too. Thus, there is no harm in seeking while handling bulkier items. 



Do not Overspeed:

In general, driving too fast is not good. But when fully loaded, the car’s speeding capacity reduces. You could feel the weight while steering. Also, it is possible to lose balance and control. As we travel for leisure, there is nothing wrong with riding slowly and carefully. Consider allocating more time if you need to catch a flight or train. Having roof luggage could increase the drag. One has to always keep in mind that driving with the extra load on the roof requires more precaution.


Do not forget locking:

Roof racks need to be weather-proof and should withstand speeding air. Also, the manufacturers design it considering the aerodynamics so that the fuel consumption is minimum. So, high-quality roof racks are costly and might get stolen. Thus, it is advisable to go for the equipment that comes with a locking facility. We also have cable locks that hold the roof bar and rack together. Nowadays, we have alarm-based locks and also tracking facilities. It is advisable to use not for sale marks on it, to avoid theft. 


Final thoughts:


Travelling is both fun and fulfilling. In the current pandemic situation, people would like to take all the necessary things before setting out. So, your luggage might be more than the usual times. It is essential to pack efficiently and smartly use the roof rack.

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