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Digital Giveaway Ideas for Your Virtual Audience

Digitalization has encompassed every sphere of life in the United Arab Emirates. It is the major highlight of the twenty-first century. The businesses, entrepreneurs, or general sections of the society which ignore change and development often have to face failure and closure. This is why the event industry is evolving according to the standards to stay in the limelight.

The event industry has almost shifted to virtual organizations due to the troubling physical and social conditions. The biggest challenge in this type of arrangement is to keep the audience hooked and arranged. Tempting the attendees with digital giveaways is one of the best ways of achieving your purpose.

Explore this article in detail to know about the digital giveaway ideas for your virtual audience, which will surely leave them surprised and pleased.

Top 8 Digital Gift Ideas to Please Your Virtual Event Attendees

Rewarding the event attendees with gift hampers or some free passes is quite easier in the case of physical events. The organizers have to put too much effort into planning all the little details of the virtual event that they forget about presenting gifts to the audience. If you are also facing the same issue, we have tried to provide you a few options.

Here are the top digital gift ideas to please your virtual event attendees and motivate them to tune in again for the next event.

1. Personalized Video Shout Out

Only a limited number of people are interested in getting autographs from artists, celebrities, and well-known personalities. This is the digital era where selfies and shout outs are more meaningful for people. So, there is no better way of pleasing your attendees than arranging personalized video shout outs from their favorite celebrities or personalities.

2. Restaurant Voucher

Free food is the weakness of all. Sharing restaurant vouchers with your attendees will surely leave them in a good mood for days. Event planners try to make it more personalized by ensuring special reservations, decorations, and food that suit the taste of the voucher holder. They do not hesitate to acquire the help of experiential event agencies in Dubai to make the evening more pleasant and memorable for the voucher winners.

3. Free Personality Test

If your event is related to personal growth and development, you need to come up with a digital gift idea that creates awareness about your purpose. You can share the free personality test guide with your virtual audience. You can guide them to identify their personality type by completing the tests and join your next session to learn and explore more about their personality type.

4. Amazon Gift Card

Shopping is another weakness of almost all people; however, women are more interested in it. You might also face the challenge of attracting women to your virtual event. So you can use the amazon gift card to attract more and more amazon lovers to your event. You can create a contest to ensure everybody’s presence and send the giveaway to the winners only.

5. Free Online Course

Most people want to learn something new or polish their skills but fail to realize their wishes due to the unavailability of resources. You can make a creative and positive difference in your virtual event attendees’ lives by sharing a free online course. You can anticipate the attendees by letting them know that only the first few joiners will secure online course entry.

6. Personalized Online Consultation

One of the most rewarding digital gift ideas for your virtual event is offering personalized online consultation to the attendees. It can be related to any of these fields:

  • Gym and fitness
  • Mental health
  • Beauty and hair care
  • Fashion and style
  • Career planning
  • Job searching
  • Cooking and baking
  • Social skills development

You can take help from industry experts or influencers to share insights and guidance with your digital gift winners and make a positive difference in their lives.

7. Free One Year Streaming Membership

If you are arranging an online concert, theater, movie premier related event, it will be much better to share some related digital gift with the virtual attendees. Online streaming sites are becoming quite popular, and everyone wants to get free access to them. You can surprise your attendees by sharing a free one-year online streaming membership of some famous channel.

8. Subscription Box

Brands are facing difficulty in arranging the launch events due to social restrictions. The virtual launch events do not promise much involvement of the audience. However, you can change the scenario by offering subscription boxes to the attendees. You can hire the service of an experiential event agency in Dubai to pace up event registration, share the subscription box, and create an engaging virtual launch event.

Work on your digital gift presentation to leave your attendees awestruck!

Sharing some vouchers or gift with the attendees is not just enough. You have to show your gratitude and excite them for your next ventures. You can easily achieve this purpose by putting more effort into your gift presentation. So, engage the experts to make your efforts more sincere and meaningful, which touch the heart of the attendees.

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